Best Solar Powered Flood Lights in 2021 [Reviewed]

Do you want to light your outdoor play space without wasting electricity? Choose a solar flood light, then. The flood lights have large beamed high-intensity light, which is used to lighten the outdoor playground with intense visibility.

The solar panels of the flood lights would capture light and store solar energy in their built-in batteries to fuel the light at night.

Most modern solar flood lights are operated by LED technologies for a broad range of shapes and uses, such as defense, outdoor sports at night, and billboard lighting.

Want to make the best solar flood lights the right investment for your front porch, then you need to focus on these two key considerations before you buy it.

  • Light Visibility – It is important to verify the brightness of the light and to quantify it in terms of lumens. Its spectrum varies based on its strength or the region you choose to light. The lumen level of the solar powered flood lights would be between 300 and 800 lumens. Choose this carefully.
  • Coverage Distance – The visibility will let you know how to illuminate the lights, whilst the coverage distance will indicate how deep the light reaches. Choose the one that spans a gap of 100 square feet, which is suitable to most solar lights.

Apart from these 2 key considerations, you need to weigh a variety of other factors, such as battery model & power, wattage, type of solar panels used, lamp sizes, color temperature, etc., which are clearly indicated in the Buying Guide below.

Also, we’ve mentioned some of the top quality and cheapest best solar flood lights to purchase online. While it’s a very small item, buying the right best solar flood lights may really be a difficult thing to do.

That’s because there are a number of things you need to pay attention to, like what lights you require, what kind of batteries they have, or what extra functionality you may need.

With that in mind, today we’re going to go through the most critical stuff you need to know before you purchase a solar flood light, but we’re also going to bring you some of the best ones yet.

Scroll down to find out more about the best solar flood lights and choose the favorite and the best solar flood lights.

Know Before You Buy

Whenever you want to purchase a commodity, the first thing you should always ask yourself is, “What am I going to use it for?”

That’s exactly what you’ve got to do before looking at solar flood lights as well, so in order for them to fulfil a particular function, you’re having to look at things including battery life, light strength, or waterproof ranking. What do you need to do for solar flood lights, exactly?

  • To illuminate the front door: having a solar flood light right above or next to your front door would save you a lot of hassle in the future. Not only can this act as a ray of light for you to monitor every move in the dark, but it may also be useful in circumstances when you’re babbling in your wallet or pockets to locate the keys to your home. If you’ve ever looked for your phone to flip on the flashlight when you haven’t been able to bring the keys through the keyhole at night, you might probably use the solar flood lights.
  • To illuminate the driveway/pathway: one of the key distinctions between a normal solar light and a solar flood light is the strength of the light. If you had to illuminate the whole length of the driveway, you would need a few solar powered lights, but if you go for a flood light (which is more powerful), you will successfully illuminate a wider region by using only one light.
  • Lighting the yard/garden: one of the key reasons people purchase solar light is that they want to build a certain kind of ambience in their yard even after the sun goes down. Whether you’ve just clipped the rose bushes or are really proud of your lilies, you certainly want the sunlight to show off the elegance of your yard’s flora.
  • For the purposes of security: Now you will find a large range of solar flood lights that come with an embedded motion sensor aka motion enabled for your backyard and land. This ensures that if the motion sensor senses activity, the lights will be switched on automatically, kind of like a visual signal for your yard. You can easily detect intruders if the lights are strong enough to enter through the bedroom window, but there’s still a chance of light activating even if there’s only a cat passing through your yard.

A Word On Light Power of the Best Solar Flood Lights

If you’re planning to purchase your home with solar flood lights, LEDs are your best bet. LED lights are cheaper, they require fewer battery power to run, and they can have a long lifetime.

So what is the color of the lights? How do you know what you’re looking for? When you’re out purchasing new lights, the lumen is one of the most significant specifications. This is an indicator of how much security light the solar panel can provide.

One candle, for example, will have a light intensity of around 12 lumens. Basically, the bigger this amount is, the more light you’re going to receive from your solar flood lights.

Another factor you ought to pay attention to is the radius angle of the light, which is usually specified by each producer and by each product.

For example, if you see a solar flood light with 5K lumens and a security light angle of 120 degrees, that implies that a security light fixture with a radius of 120 degrees gives you an output of 5K lumens.

Best Solar Powered Flood Lights in 2021

1. Richarm Solar Flood Lights

First on our list is a pair of Remote Controlled Solar Flood Lights. These lights have a 6-watt rating and each of the lights has 42 LED lights in their bulbs. In combination, each bulb has a power rating of around 800 lumens and the bulbs are constructed of die-cast aluminium.

These lights have a wide angle of 60 degrees (two lights combine to 120 degrees) of focus and will illuminate everything in an area of 430 square feet.

Each of the bulbs, as described above, has a 6-watt rating and is solar powered. The panels are extremely powerful and photo-electric. They can turn about 17 percent of the sunlight to electricity. It is housed in a 2.200 mAH wide 3.7-volt lithium-ion battery.

From sunrise to sunrise, this battery will light up the bulbs continuously for a complete 8 hours.

In addition, these lights come with a 16.4 foot cord that allows you to put the security light at any height possible according to the positioning of the solar panel.

The package of lights is constructed of IP 65 weatherproof and waterproof ABS plastic with die-cast aluminium. The remote control of the solar panels is really helpful. Using this, you can control the strength of the security light by 30 percent, 60 percent and 90 percent.

You may also set up clocks to automatically turn off the lights from 1 hour to 9 hours in intervals of 1 hour. And you can power it on and off, of course. These solar lights come with a 90-day return window and a huge 3-year guarantee from the date of purchase.

2. Gebosun Solar Flood Lights

Next on our list is the classic high-beam street security light with an amazing 6000K white Brightness daylight. The solar panels have a dazzling strength of 3000 lumens, so they can light up a large region with ease.

The 3000 lumen LED bulb has a wattage level of 30 watts and is integrated with 409 high-quality LED bulbs.

At maximum charge, the bulb will burn for around 12 full hours at 8 hours of solar charging. Completely running on solar electricity, the solar lights are supported by a whopping 12,000 mAH high-capacity lithium-ion battery.

This solar panel will quickly supplement 150 watts of big outdoor HID solar panel and is strong enough to light up basketball courts as well. Easy to build, the solar panel may be installed on a pole or anywhere with a 3 to 5 meter long pole.

If it is fixed on a pole of 10 feet or more, it may occupy an area of 13 x 23 feet. It will occupy 19 x 32 feet of room with 16 foot poles. All Gebosun goods come with a 2-year unlimited after-sales guarantee from the retailer and also provide a strong 24/7 customer support.

3. Cnsunway Lighting Solar Flood Lights

Available in 200 watts and 100 watt versions, our catalog includes 380 LED bulbs and a super bright outdoor street solar panel. These flood lights come with a really bright 10200 lumen super bright production that will illuminate a huge 380 square meters of security light.

To put it in context, 3 to 4 solar lights will brighten up a typical basketball playground, and with 9 light units, you can light up half a wide football field. Highly effective in terms of electricity, the solar powered security lights have a very high performance of 30% of solar energy conversion, making them extremely handy in rainy days as well.

With just 4 or 5 hours of sunshine, you can charge the solar panel for 8 hours of play. On a gloomy day, it’s around 10 hours to charge.

These flood lights often come with a remote control that lets you change the solar panel, the security light keeper, the time setting, 3 hours, 6 hours or 8 hours.

You may also monitor the intensity of security light at a distant location. The screen may be set to 180 degrees in accordance with the specifications of sunlight.

CNSUNWAY goods come with an unlimited manufacturer’s guarantee of 5 years and a dedicated manufacturer’s warranty of 27/7 from the date of purchase.

4. Psg Solar Flood Lights

Next on our list is a high solar powered, heavy-duty street lamp with a 300-watt strength level. Each light has a total of 480 LEDs and a rather high luminosity.

At 12,000 lumens of daylight, this light has a superior brightness quotient relative to standard lamps. The solar powered security lights have a very high battery capacity of 48,000 mAH and a 6.4-volt rating.

This will potentially save up to 80% of energy bills. Simple to mount and operate, the light has a metal bracket that comes with a box that can be used for building, roof or other high-rise mountings.

You may also change the metal bracket for various angles. Through its remote control, the lighting can be regulated from a stage. This requires lighting, number of hours (3 hours, 5 hours, 8 hours, etc.) or continuous security light mode.

In its induction mode, the solar powered security lights gradually switch on from dusk to dawn. It switches to charge mode at this stage.

At a full day fee, the security lights will provide you with a full day (24 hours) of illumination that is impressively long for solar-powered LED security lights.

The solar powered security lights come with a 2-year unrestricted manufacturer’s guarantee from the date of purchase.

5. Westinghouse Solar Flood Lights

Next on our list is Westinghouse’s bright motion detecting outdoor light. It might not be a mainstream flood light, it has just as big a luminosity to be considered that.

This light comes with a wide solar panel fixed right above the security lights, and this light is fitted with 49 SMD LED bulbs which combine to provide 1000 lumens of brightness.

This luminosity is more than adequate for daily use. Speaking of batteries and energy, the solar panel is extremely powerful and fitted with a 2,000 mAH 18650 lithium-ion battery.

These charges are very quick and provide improved performance. The light comes with intelligent solar technology that can detect the power of the battery by calculating the usable charge in the battery and then adjust the energy consumption.

The same light technology ensures that it remains on for 8 hours straight. Now for the motion sensors of the security lights, the light has a proximity motion sensor that allows both to provide safety and also to save electricity.

This PIR motion sensor senses any movement between 26 feet (or 8 meters) and a 120-degree angle of detection and immediately switches the security lights on when anyone walks in.

Covering a region of 700 square feet, the light shuts off after 30 seconds of inactivity. Made from the IP X4 Water-resistant. It is Weather-resistant and extremely resilient composite that can survive any kind of storm, snow, etc.

The security lights are simple to mount and use, the light is of high quality, although it does not come with any manufacturer’s guarantee from the date of purchase.

6. Cshidoworld Store Solar Outdoor Lights

Solar flood lights offered by Cshidoworld are fitted with 224 bright LED lights that offer brighter illumination than most outdoor lights on the market.

The solar panel present in these lights has polycrystalline silicon, which has a conversion capacity of 20.5 per cent. So, the lights can glow for longer periods of time, saving resources.

There are three versions – surveillance mode, smart brightness regulation mode, and no induction mode. Motion sensors can track day/night in protection mode and switch on/off dusk to dawn depending on that.

No manual intervention is needed, therefore. In smart brightness mode, the light stays on all night and becomes bright when motion is observed and the brightness decreases by 10% when there is no motion.

In no induction mode, 30 percent clearer lights are illuminated continuously. They are fitted with smart, intelligent induction control and a deep angle that allows movements of up to 32 feet in length and 120 degrees in angle.

As these lights are made of high grade ABS plastic, they are heat tolerant, freeze-resistant and water-resistant.

They are secure to add on the balcony, the gardens, the porch, the exterior wall, the yard, the driveway, the fence and other outside areas.

Because they don’t have any cables, you can quickly mount them with screws. The kit contains a solar motion sensor light, a mounting bracket, plastic anchors, a mounting sensor and a user manual.

7. CYBERDAX Solar Powered Street Flood Light

CYBERDAX’s Solar Powered Street Flood Light is taking the cake as the strongest solar flood light out there. It blends incredible brightness, dynamic adjustments and one of the longest-running times out there.

This results in a fun, hard-working and usable commodity that every kind of solar light consumer will profit from. Especially those looking to use flood light as a safety measure would appreciate it. We enjoy the variety of settings that CYBERDAX Light has to do.

It consists of two major modes, each of several variants. The first one is automatic on/off. It depends on a dusk to dawn light motion sensor to allow the light to come on at night and go off throughout the day. The other one is a timer, which has the choice of three, five or eight hours.

In addition, you can switch to either high-light or low-light mode inside both of these settings. Reviewers really enjoy light, leaving resounding five-star ratings consistent and happy.

Construction and design are two facets that, according to the reviewers, shine in particular. They tell it holds up against the rain and the waves, and also a few minor bumps and falls.
Any reviewers use it to light up their yard at night to allow their dogs out in the fewest possible moves. Others wanted more to make them see uninvited animal visitors in their yard.

In these ways, as in several others, the light was more than enough for the night. Like several reviews have noted, the most important concern of this solar flood light is that, unlike almost all other lights on this list, it is not a solar motion sensing light.

There is no solution that requires motion sensing. We didn’t think this a challenge for bright, safety-oriented light. But if you’re searching for a light that specializes in motion detection, a certain light from this list will be a safer option. The clarity is one of the other major highlights of the CYBERDAX light.

It shines out like some other solar flood light that we might locate in a number of ways. It releases 5,000 lumens in bright mode, which is almost incredibly bright.

Another point to bear in mind is that it is very heavy and wide relative to other lights. It comes in two bits, each of which needs to be assembled separately. As this light has a remote, it shouldn’t have to fall down while it’s fixed.

That is, except in the case of any kind of repair. So we didn’t think this was too much of a challenge, either. So it’s important that consumers need to hold in mind. This solar flood light can also be solar powered by a remote control that we love.

That’s because as long as you’re within 15 meters of the light, you have the option to adjust the settings. Many of the other lights need the light to be removed, or at least reachable, to adjust the modes.

So, basically, you’re stuck with the same mode without a remote. The only hold that others have is that this light may not have a motion detecting environment.

So if they were searching for a motion tracker, they would have to purchase extra lights. What is cool, however, is that the solar panel and the light are different parts.

That way, the light might be in a sunny place, although the solar panel will get the full heat. That’s what all of the other lights don’t have.

8. A-ZONE Solar Motion Sensor Light

The A-ZONE Solar Motion Sensor Light is the longest-running, longest-running light. The run time, 40 hours, is twice as long as the next closest alternative in this chart.

It’s more than multiple times longer than several of the others. It’s a lightweight, unimposing light, too. It’s safe and convenient to mount since it comes in a single piece.

Being in one piece does not, though, strip away the versatility. This is because the connected solar panel maintains a degree of adjustability. This light, too, is very strong, at 800 lumens.

While it is not the brightest choice, it falls well within the optimum brightness for an outdoor flood light. In tandem with an outstanding run-time, it’s more than enough light to hold your room bright all night long.

According to the reviewers, this light is really simple to install. There are no ropes, cables or plugs required because it’s solar, which is one of the things we love about solar flood lights. The reviewers were also consistently satisfied with the default settings.

That’s with the soft lights before the motion sensor is switched on. At that moment, the lights are switching to bright. This functionality is excellent for those who use this solar flood light as a safety light.

This is because the light is constantly offering illumination. However, it can often signal that there is some kind of sudden movement. We have found that a lot of reviewers have claimed that this light looks like a camera.

A lot of reviewers were pleased with this style. That’s because it provides an additional layer of protection. In a defense scenario, it serves as a deterrent. The most critical point to bear in mind about this light is that it has a very centered spotlight.

It does not supply light to a very large field unless it is placed very high. It does this reasonably well for its scale.

But its beam is weak compared to many of the other alternatives on this list. With that in mind, the smaller scale of the light and its form is what brings it some of the other advantages.

So when you decide on this light, remember how big the region you’re planning to illuminate is, it should be the key. Although it doesn’t have dynamic options, we love the environment that comes with it.

There is a continuous low light, which changes to maximum brightness as motion is perceived. The fact that the run time is 40 hours, even though the light is going consistently, is remarkable.

We assume that this single environment is appropriate enough for this trade-off. It is also one of the most weather-proof solutions available. The lightweight build combined with an IP ranking of 66 ensures that there would be little difficulty in enduring rainstorms, strong winds or even snowfall.

9. Sunforce Triple Head Solar Motion Light

The Sunforce Triple Head Solar Motion Light has some noticeable similarity to the previous light. For one thing, it often has an outstanding high angle.

It uses three lights to reach up, left and right for the widest possible angle. It locks in as ultra white, sending off a total of 1,000 lumens. Again, this is comfortably within the spectrum of what the flood light may be, and also on the bright side.

It’s the second brightest choice on this chart, and the task of lighting up almost every room is finished. The light has two parts of the settings that enable users to take advantage of a variety of potential combinations.

The first portion is the period of light as motion is observed. The second is the spectrum of motion detection. These two settings enable users to choose between various periods of time the lights stay on and different distances to sense motion.

Much of the feedback was pretty plain and, to the point, much like the lights. Reviewers referred to configuration, light, and setup as high points. The motion sensor still seems to be responsive enough, and also adjusts it depending on the environment you select.

Many of the reports were very close, suggesting that the light is low-maintenance and simple to use. None of the reviews displayed consistent concern about any one thing, although some of them had some very detailed issues.

There are certain aspects that need to be kept in mind in this light. The most critical concerns we found were efficiency and longevity. Neither the vendor specified the IP rating of the light nor did they mention what the projected run time would be.

Based on reviewers and other consumers, the average dusk to dawn run time is “all night,” which is useful but not generally accurate. If you need to keep the lights on longer than that, this is definitely not the right choice.

Similarly, it seems that the light is waterproof, and no customer has mentioned any particular issues in that respect, however without a specification from the vendor, it is difficult to depend on that which is also important.

One feature we do enjoy is that each section of the light is completely flexible, enabling it to be tilted upwards, downwards or even further to the left, if desired. While this reduces the visibility, it opens for more room to light.

Finding the Best Solar Flood Light for Your Space – Factors to consider

Brightness (Measured in Lumens)

Long story short, we’ve been looking for bright lights. More than any other type of outdoor solar light, flood lights, especially when used for security purposes, need to be bright, so when choosing the lights on this list, we chose only those that are suitable for use as flood lights.

There are some that are on the lower side in terms of lumens, but they are meant to be installed with multiple lights, so keep that in mind when browsing the list.


In terms of durability, we considered two main factors. The first was how waterproof or even waterproof the light is, and the second was whether it is dustproof. In order to obtain these measures, we considered the IP (Ingress Protection) rating, which considers how resistant an item is to the entrance of water and particles.

Surprisingly, the solar flood lights actually varied quite a bit on the scale, ranging from 1-6 for the first number (dust resistance) to 1-9 for the second number (water resistance). In both of these, the higher numbers are the more resistant. In general, all the lights will survive being outdoors.

Run Time

Run time refers to how long the lights will be able to stay on after a full charge. Usually it takes between 4 and 8 hours of sunlight to get a full charge.

Run time may also vary depending on which light setting is in, especially for lights with many modes. In general, dim settings and motion sensing settings consume less energy and are therefore the best settings for extended run times.

The run times we present are the best-case times in the ideal settings, and we prefer long run times where possible.


Each of the different lights in this list has a different combination of possible modes, such as bright or dim and normal on or motion sensing. We prefer more customizable lights, as well as those that have unique and extra-useful modes, such as the ability to leave the lights on dim and move the sensing to high.


When we talk about reliability, we’re talking about how long (as in months, weeks and years) the lights might last, and if you can count on them to turn on every single day, no matter what. Often the most reliable lights are the simple ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are Lumens?

The lumen is a measure of visible light. When you consider the brightness of the light, more lumens means that the light is brighter.

In general, the normal indoor light bulb is around 800 lumens, although different light lights may vary slightly in lumens. Other types of lights will vary even more. The lights on our list range from around 120 lumens to 5,000 lumens, so you’ll have a lot of options when choosing a flood light from the list.

How bright should a flood light be?

The brightness really depends on how much space you’re looking for, where the light is mounted, and what you’re planning to use the light for. As a very, very general rule, safety flood lights are expected to be around 700-1,300 lumens, although lights that are somewhat brighter and somewhat dimmer may also work.

Motion-sensing lights tend to be a little less bright, with a range of around 300-700 lumens, although they may, of course, also be brighter. Other kinds of landscape lights or solar path lights can be dimmer, especially if you have multiple lights, at around 50-300 lumens.

Are solar lights bright enough to be flood lights?

It’s absolutely. As we have mentioned, the lights on our list range from rather dim to almost blindingly bright. The fact that they are all solar actually has no effect on their ability to be bright.

The only thing to keep in mind when it comes to solar lights vs. brightness is that brighter lights need more energy, so larger solar panel kits need more charging time for their batteries, otherwise they won’t last long.

Will the lights stay on all night?

The short answer is that they ought to be. The longer version is that it really depends on what settings you’re using, how big or powerful a battery the lights have, and how bright they are. All the lights on our list need about 5-8 hours to charge during the day in order to have their full capacity, and the capacity varies depending on the light.

Some of them can last three nights in a row without any problems, especially in their most efficient (usually dim, motion-sensing) mode, while others will struggle to do so until dawn, especially in their most energy-demanding (bright all the time) mode.

How do I need to install the solar panels?

With some of the lights, the solar panel is directly attached to the light fixture, whether on the top or on the sides. They’re the easiest to install. Just stick the light to the surface to which you want it to be mounted, and you’re good to go.

Others are slightly more complicated, but they have more potential to get more sunlight.

Generally, those lights have solar panels in a separate piece of light. When you install, you first need to install the light, then consider where you can place the solar panel in such a way that it receives a lot of sunlight. In either case, the south-facing is ideal and it is essential that they are not in the shade.


After careful consideration of a wide range of options, we have decided that the Richarm Solar Flood Lights with 6W 800 LM are the best choice for the best solar flood lights you can buy.

With its 800 lumen power and 60-degree wide-angle power, 17 percent energy rating and, most importantly, a large cable and a good power supply all while providing a 3-year warranty, make it the best choice.

While that was our choice, we’re interested in what you’re thinking. Have you liked our list? Have we missed anything? Or would you like us to add or remove something from the list? Or do you have any questions about any solar lights or other solar-based tools/utilities? If so, please feel free to write to us in the comments section below and our team will write back to you as soon as possible.

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