Best Solar Powered Ceiling Fan in 2021 [Our Top Picks]

A solar powered ceiling fan is a convenient and efficient tool to ensure proper ventilation in your hall or balcony while saving on utility bills. It works by pushing out hot air and allowing cooler air to fill the room.

Solar powered ceiling fans are motorized to produce enough power to get the hot air out of the room. They’re easy to install and set up because they don’t require you to change the electrical wiring of your attic or interfere with the structural design. You can just hook it up with any electrical source of your choice. Electrical sources such as batteries, generators or even solar panels are sufficient to power your ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans specifically which are powered by photovoltaic solar panels save you the cost of electricity. If you’re looking for an efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly solution to cool your living room at home, solar-powered ceiling fans are a great option.

In this article, we will go through the processes of how solar powered ceiling fans work, while also recommending the best options for solar powered ceiling fans to you.

How do Solar Ceiling Fans Work?

When you come home after a long day, sometimes all you want to do is sit down and relax for a moment. With solar powered ceiling fans, you can do exactly just that without breaking the bank. Air conditioning is cool, but it doesn’t come cheap. Solar-powered ceiling fans get the job done and help you save on utility bills.

Solar powered ceiling fans are not only efficient, but they also help with the environment. With this technology, you can consider yourself being environmentally conscious, and reap the benefits of both sides.

Your air conditioning costs will also rise dramatically, and it will also affect the life of the air conditioning system. A solar powered ceiling fan is going to be really handy in this kind of situation. On top of that, there is no duct system, so there would not be a need for an open window to operate properly.

Normally, they are fixed to a gable vent or a dormer window or a roof. Ceiling fans suck out the hot air trapped inside the attic and the hot air circulating in the outside of your home. They’re building a buffer zone between your house and the outside. This region is replaced by colder air from the outside. So it’s going to cool our home.

Benefits of Solar Powered Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans keep your living room cool in summer and all year. A cool hall means a reduced risk of damage to your roof, less heat radiating into the living spaces of your home, reduced pressure on your air conditioner, and lower overall air conditioning costs.

Ceiling fans do not only decrease the heat in your hall but also reduce the accumulation of moisture. Moisture will promote the growth of mould and fungi, ultimately destroying the structure of your house.

If you select a solar-powered ceiling fan, you can enjoy all the advantages of an eco-friendly device that does not need extra energy.

Solar powered ceiling fans can reduce your electrical bills while allowing your air conditioner to run optimally, not over time. Plus, since there is no wiring, solar-powered ceiling fans are easy to mount and easy to maintain!

Considerations when buying a Solar Powered Ceiling Fan

1. Materials

Your ceiling fans must be made of material that is sturdy enough to survive the excess heat that can build up through heavy and long use. Under these conditions, cheaper ceiling fans with plastic components may begin to fail over time.

In winter, plastic is often very brittle, making it easy to snap a fan blade under normal use. Instead, choose a metal construction fan.

Both the body and the fan should be made of sheet metal and steel, galvanized or painted, if possible. These materials are much more stable than plastic in fluctuating temperatures and are well resistant to moisture.

2. Easy to use

Ceiling fans won’t do you any good if you find it too difficult to turn on or off. Many full-house models now come with remote controls that allow you to turn the fan down from the floor below and customize its settings with the touch of a button. With a click of a button, they can set the rotational speeds or modes easily to whatever they need.

Ceiling fans are great for homeowners who want to be able to forget that their fan is out there. Most of them either come with a remote controller or a switch which can be easily accessible to the customer. This is definitely something to look out for when picking out your ceiling fan so you don’t get discouraged from using it in the future.

3. Size

One very important aspect to consider when deciding whether a solar powered ceiling fan is right for you is size—especially in cases whereby the ceiling is too low or you have multiple cabinets or shelves around the area. Customers must be extremely careful when picking out fans. They must always measure the amount of space they have available in order for their fan to work well.

Customers must also make sure that they have sufficient space for their solar panels to be placed or mounted on. Since the solar panel will be doing most of the heavy work of generating electricity, customers must ensure that there is a suitable place with sufficient sunlight so that the fan can be fully charged and functional.

4. Noise Levels

The worst thing to experience is having to own a noisy ceiling fan. Fans in general were relatively more noisy. The fan models of today are more modest and minimalistic and will work more efficiently and quietly, which keeps the house in a more peaceful and quiet state.

If you have an older fan mounted in your home, converting to a newer ceiling fan can make a significant change to the ambience of the house. The newer models have smaller fans, produce less noise, and their engines are better tuned than the older ones.

5. Extra Amenities or Functions

There are numerous amenities or functions which can come along with your ceiling fan. Be sure to look out for what functions you may want on your ceiling fan to maximise your cooling needs. Things such as adjustable rotational speeds or reverse speeds which circulate the hot air in the room. Aside from being stylish or minimalistic, some ceiling fans may even come with LED lights which are extremely useful in certain situations.

Having an expected set of functions on your ceiling fan is definitely recommended when choosing the perfect ceiling fan for yourself. By doing so, you will narrow down your options which will hasten your choosing process.

Our Top Picks for The Best Solar Powered Ceiling Fans in 2021

#1 – SAWI2017025 Solar Ceiling Fan – 42 inch solar ceiling fan with battery – Solair World International

Our top number 1 pick in our list goes to the ceiling fan which was manufactured by Solair World International. This 42 inch solar powered fan comes in either the colour black or white.

This ceiling fan is powered by solar panels during the day and powered by batteries when sunlight is weak, or during the night. The solar powered ceiling fan comes with a 15-metre cable that connects the ceiling fan and the solar panel. There is also a LED light mounted on the centre of the fan which gives the fan a modern look.

These ceiling fans are powered by polycrystalline solar panels which come with a mounting bracket. Solair World International also provides you with a customized solar panel if you really need it as well. These fans can be fully charged within 8 to 9 hours depending on the placement of the solar panels. A fully charged ceiling fan will be durable for up to 13 hours if the LED light mounted is off. With that in mind, there’s no doubt that Solair World International is there to please their customers.

The ceiling fan also comes with a remote controller which controls the fan’s rotational speed and rotating modes. There are two modes in which consumers can choose from, which is the forward summer mode, and the reverse winter mode. This ceiling fan also allows the user to adjust 5 different rotational speeds, ranging from 60 to 300 rounds per minute. Furthermore, the fan also comes with a timing function that automatically turns the ceiling fan on or off.

This is the perfect option for those who are looking for a clean and classy looking ceiling fan to modernize the design of their homes.

#2 – DC 24V Solar Power Ceiling Fan, Slider Portable Solar Fan with Switch 3 Blade Caravan Camp

Made with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Material, this portable Solar Fan comes at the top 2 of our list. This ceiling fan package does not come with a solar panel.This option is for customers who are looking to hook their existing solar panels up with their ceiling fans.

Using solar panels to store electricity to the batteries to power the fan, it is also noteworthy to mention that this fan has a high-efficiency motor. The high-efficiency motor ensures that the electricity used is fully optimised and efficient so that the fan provides customers with the satisfaction that they deserve.

The high-efficiency solar motor not only works well, but it also comes with 3 plastic blades which will definitely cool you off from the summer heat. The fan also comes with a plastic switch which allows you to control the fan.

Overall, these ceiling fans at the top of our list because of their lightweight build and extremely cheap price. You can get this fan at a very affordable price of $25.19 over here. If you are looking for a cheaper option to cool yourself down during hot temperatures or during summer, then this is definitely the perfect choice for you.

#3 – Solar Ceiling Fan 24h + AC/DC Converter + Solar Panel 48” 56”

Next up on our list is a ceiling fan made by MANANASUN. This solar powered ceiling fan is entirely made up of steel. This entirely white ceiling fan with gold highlights is perfect for those who are looking for a classy fan.

This is a solar DC ceiling fan that saves loads of energy and is also environment friendly. This fan is extremely flexible and reliant as it has an AC/DC converter. The converter allows the fan to work all day long.

Having an AC/DC converter allows the fan to be powered by either the solar panel or AC power. During the day, when there is sunlight, the ceiling fan will be powered by the solar panel. As for scenarios whereby there is no sunlight (i.e. at night), or there is weak sunlight, the fan will be then powered by AC power.

This ceiling fan package from MANANASUN comes with a user manual, a speed controller, an AC/DC converter, and a solar panel. However, consumers who are looking to go with this choice must be reminded that the mounting brackets for the solar panels are not included in the package. Therefore, consumers must buy the mounting brackets separately in order to mount their solar panels.

The manufacturers also left a note that the entire package will be mailed to their customers in 2 separate cartons, and customers must make sure that they receive both of these cartons before they mount their ceiling fans on to their ceilings.

All in all, this is an extremely great product if you are looking to save some money in the long run.

#4 – 12V Portable Ceiling Fan SENREAL 19.7” Mini Ceiling Fan

Next up on our list is a portable ceiling fan manufactured by Senreal. This mini ceiling fan is mostly used in outdoor places such as a tent or a gazebo. There are some instances whereby customers installed this mountable fan on a sailboat or motor home. The blades of the fan are 19.7 inches and are extremely flexible and durable.

This is a lightweight solar powered ceiling fan that is perfect for adventurous people who go camping often. Campers would love this choice due to the silent and quiet nature of the fan. Campers will not be disturbed during the night when they are sleeping.

This ceiling fan’s power source can be from either a storage battery, car battery, or a solar panel. This ceiling fan can be directly connected with a solar panel, but customers should also connect it with a battery to ensure stable usage of the fan.

Customers, in general, loved this product as it is extremely easy to carry and simple to use. Furthermore, it does not occupy much of your home space when storing this mountable ceiling fan. This ceiling fan is also very good for the environment as it reduces carbon emission which protects the earth. Senreal also provides full refunds if there is any physical damage or quality issues regarding their portable ceiling fans, all you have to do is just contact them and send them the necessary documents.

All in all, this is a great choice for avid campers or people who are looking for a portable ceiling fan for their cooling needs.

#5 – 12V DC 19.7” Ceiling Fan – Govia

The last place on our list goes to a portable ceiling fan which is made by Govia. This portable ceiling fan made by Govia is intended to be used at times of emergency when the power goes off.

This is another lightweight mini ceiling fan that serves the purpose of cooling really well by providing good airflow, despite having a lower voltage. This ceiling fan is extremely easy to use and easy to install into your home, office or other outdoor places where you might need this fan. However, it is important to note that this ceiling fan package does not include a solar panel.

The fan is fairly quiet and it really packs a punch when it comes to moving air. The motor it uses is super high in terms of efficiency, and it saves quite a lot of energy as well.

This ceiling fan package from Govia includes 3 fan blades which are really flexible in terms of the material and it also comes with two wires which are 20 metres in length. The wires are coupled with callipers which will allow you to connect the ceiling fan directly to an energy source. This ceiling fan can be connected to a car battery, generator, or solar panel. However, customers should note that they should include a solar charge controller in order to achieve stability when using this portable ceiling fan with a solar panel.

Why should you make the switch to a solar-powered ceiling fan?

You may be wondering, why should you make the switch to a solar powered fan? This is because solar powered ceiling fans contribute greatly to maintaining the earth’s environment and mother nature. Solar energy in general helps in managing global warming and the survival of human society.

Furthermore, solar powered fans can be used in cases of emergency when there is a blackout and there is no electricity. As long as the battery is charged and there is a good amount of sunlight which passes through the solar panel, it is guaranteed that you will get the fan working.

Not only does a solar powered ceiling fan save the earth, but it also saves your wallet. In the long run, you will save a ton of money when it comes to utility bills. Instead of having to depend on air conditioners or electricity powered fans, you can rely on solar powered fans which is definitely a great plus point as well.

Last but not least, you need not be a technician to install a solar powered ceiling fan as most solar powered ceiling fans are easy to install. The only thing you need is a 12-inch-diameter hole in the ceiling and a couple of screws or nails to install the fan in place. There are some fans who don’t even need such equipment. All you have to do is just to mount it on a ledge and you’re good to go!


With the right solar powered ceiling fan, you will see the difference in your utility bills every month. They help reduce cost as well as having airflow, which makes your room less stuffy and cooler, especially during the hotter days.

Using the best solar powered ceiling fan, you can save on cooling costs because your air conditioner does not have to be strained to maintain optimum temperatures, particularly during the summer season.

You may also rest assured that hot air is coming out of your home or garage. You can also avoid the development of mould and mildew that may cause allergies and illness to sensitive loved ones.

You can also keep your family safe and happy, particularly in the summer months. In addition, it is strong enough to cover a wide area, depending on the model you ended up purchasing. It is also made of quality and durable materials and has a sleek and beautiful style.

However, you’re going to get a lot of advantages in selecting the right ceiling fan, so you may want to spend effort and time comparing the top picks in the category. A well fitted and powerful fan depending on the size of the room can match the interior decorations as well.

We hope that a thorough guide and specific details on solar powered ceiling fans will give you some more insight into why you should buy a solar powered ceiling fan for your home and what some of the best options could be.

Irrespective of which fan you buy, you can be assured that all of the above options are made of durable quality materials made to last, and comes with an exceptionally sleek design.

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