Best Solar Gate Opener in 2021 [Top Rated & Reviewed]

One of the most important details to remember is who has keys to your home or land. The installation of a solar gate opener would increase the value of your house. The majority of automatic gates are powered by electricity.

As a consequence, whether there is a power outage or a blackout, your automatic gates will not open. Solar energy will now help to solve this issue.

By installing the best solar gate openers in 2021, you will have full access to your property regardless of power grid conditions or distance to an AC link.

Here you can find a comprehensive solar gate opener analysis for the top ten items on the market, complete with all of the information you need to know about them.

How to Choose the Best Solar Gate Opener?

Before we get into our solar gate opener review list, remember to keep a few items in mind when you determine which solar sliding gate opener is best for you.

Always Read the Reviews

Although we have a wealth of information on an item we recommend for your consideration, reviews shift from week to week as more people make purchases and install equipment at home.

Typically, this is just a small portion of our research because we prefer to get “into the weeds” rather than simply believing what any random reviewer has to say.

However, for products like this with moving parts and a high level of quality required, it’s extremely useful to see if any patterns emerge in customer reviews.

Examine the most recent feedback for any given device and weigh and compare new information with older reviews from a slightly different model or a modified version of the same option.

Look at both the lowest and highest rating reviews to get a sense of what people are thinking about a product. Then, link the data to credible sources and other reviews. One or two people may have a negative experience with a specific product, but this is most likely due to a lemon or a mistake in mislabeling or incorrect delivery.

If the majority of the reviews are positive, you’re looking at a solid, high-quality product. If they are primarily weak, move on to the next choice. We certainly do all of this work for you, but it’s always good to get a second layer of input to ensure we’re not lying!!

Always Check the Weight Rating

Before purchasing a solar-powered driveway gate package, make certain that it is rated for the weight of your gate. This detail should be available in the immediate overview at the top of the product page, but you can also find it below for each of our recommendations.

Always See What’s Included

You could be looking at a solar-powered gate opener with a keypad only to discover that it does not include a solar panel. Alternatively, the inverse may be accurate.

Make sure the product you’re buying has everything you need or that you can find the extra things you’ll need to fuel your solar-powered residential gate operator system. This is discussed in depth for each product listed below.

Why Use Solar Power for a Gate Opener?

Eco-Friendly Use

To begin with, the use of solar-powered devices is environmentally friendly. You may not need to use grid power, but rather the fully renewable energy source of solar radiation. This means no extra waste, no pollution, and no reliance on fossil fuels to power your gate opener.

Button Remote Control

If you have a second home that you don’t always use, you should think about going solar for your electronics, particularly any outdoor-only items like a solar gate opener. You should not use electricity while you are not at your hunting lodge or holiday cabin.

Using solar power helps you to keep things going as needed all year long without incurring the costs and resources of a power grid.

When you return to your remote land, you won’t have to find out how to plug in the power, etc. because you’re using solar power. If it’s lighting or a gate opener, the ability to get power up and running can be crucial in a variety of cases.

How We Chose the Best Solar Gate Openers Options

Okay, now that we’ve covered the ways you may want to double-check our job, let’s get into how we actually did it. There are hundreds and dozens of choices available for these products, but the majority are made by the same five or six manufacturers.

Some of the titles are well-known, such as Mighty Mule and Ghost Commands, while others are less well-known.

Since manufacturer credibility is crucial on devices like this – particularly given the safety and security concerns – it was easy to gravitate toward options from companies we were already familiar with.

But I wanted to look into some others, and when I did, I discovered a few other options among the most common choices that also appear to be fine. So I made a list of around 50 choices based on these.

I instantly eliminated those from brand new companies with no online presence, any from companies with no good customer feedback, and any with extremely low ratings. This rapidly narrowed the list down to the final handful.

I then went through the remaining dozen choices to decide which were the best. You’ll find that they have different ratings ranging from medium to heavy-duty, as well as different parts – some are complete sets, while others do not have the solar panels – and other features that set them apart.

Otherwise, they are very similar, making it difficult to differentiate them beyond high-quality and duty-rating. Our hope is that this list of the best solar gate opener options will provide you with the information you need to determine which is best for your specific situation.

Review of The Top 11 Best Solar Gate Opener in 2021

1. Ghost Controls TDS2XP Solar Gate Openers

Ghost Controls is a market leader in the design and manufacture of the best solar gate opener automation in the United States.

What distinguishes them from other brands is that these are solar powered and operate on DC low voltage in conditions where no AC power is required.

Ghost Controls TDS2XP solar gate openers are specifically designed for dual agricultural or tubular type gates.

Furthermore, the system contains two operator arms, one with a 6′ cable and the other with a 30′ cable. In addition, the gate opener comes with two regular 3-button remote control transmitters for activating the system.

The solar dual gate opener operates independently by using a 10-watt monocrystalline solar panel (no diodes) as well as its mounting hardware, brackets, and fasteners. This PV module charges a 12V battery (not included), allowing the energy storage unit to be charged on a regular basis.

There are a range of optional accessories available for the Ghost Controls TDS2XP heavy-duty gate opener, such as the ABBT-2 battery box package (includes two 12V 7Ah batteries) that has been specially built to prevent acid leaks that could harm the electric gate system.

You can also add a wireless keypad, a 5-button remote control, and a wired vehicle escape wand to your order. This button remote control best solar gate opener can accommodate gate weights of up to 900 pounds and lengths of up to 20 feet.

2. Ghost Controls TSS1XP Heavy-Duty Kit

This kit is ideal for swing gates weighing up to 300 pounds and measuring up to 20 feet in length. It’s quiet and easy to set up, and it comes with a do-it-yourself instruction manual.

The gate requires a 12-volt rechargeable battery (sold separately) to store electricity, and the opener is designed for use with tube gates, but it will operate with any non-solid panel gate within the size and weight limits.

The gate opener is fast, which we appreciate, so you don’t have to wait for half an hour like in the past. It also has a much longer range for remote opening from a greater distance, which means you can open it even quicker if you’re in a rush.

Furthermore, the whole setup is highly robust and planned to last for several years. It works well on farms, for example, and is designed especially for these heavy-duty applications.

This solar gate opener kit includes a few extra features, such as SafeForce Technology, which reduces the amount of force that the opener can exert to move a gate, preventing damage to people and animals.

You can also use the machine in a variety of modes, including:

  • Party mode
  • 1Key
  • Party mode secure
  • Zombiecode
  • Vacation mode

The solar gate opener has a lifetime warranty on the motor and gear assembly, as well as an 18-month warranty on the remaining pieces, which can be extended to 24-months by online registration.

3. Mighty Mule FM500 Solar Gate Openers

The Mighty Mule solar swing gate opener is ideal for those looking for a single solar powered gate opener. The Mighty Mule FM500 solar gate openers are heavy-duty solar devices that can open gates up to 850 lbs. and 18 feet long.

Furthermore, this model is appropriate for a variety of gates, including chain link, panel vinyl, ornament iron, and vinyl wood. The solar gate opener kit contains everything you need to complete your installation, which does not include the services of an electrician or welding.

The swing gate opener is constructed with an ABS housing and cast aluminum brackets, as well as a 10-watt solar panel, among other items. This PV module charges a built-in battery backup, allowing you to activate your gates even if the power goes out.

In addition, the package contains an extra-large control board that has been pre-wired to add two batteries and a 120V AC transformer for grid connection if one is available.

Finally, with a soft start and soft stop feature, a single remote control can be used to unlock your gates from a distance. Auto-close is also available in 120 seconds and provides an obstacle sense technology system to prevent a collision.

4. USAutomatic 020320 Sentry 300 Solar Gate Openers

The USAutomatic 020320 Sentry 300 solar gate openers are ideal for opening and closing your gates. The Sentry 300 commercial grade automatic gate opener is operated by a 12VDC battery, which has two charging options.

The first choice is grid-independent, as it includes a 6-watt solar kit (eligible for a 30% federal tax credit) that requires no wiring and includes mounting hardware. Meanwhile, the second alternative charges the battery using grid power through an AC transformer link.

Furthermore, the kit comes with two LCR dual button remote transmitters that enable you to open your gate from your car. To open the gate, an additional fixed wireless push button can be located a few feet away.

This solar-powered automatic gate opener features a linear actuator with a thrust rating of 400 lbs. and a compression rating of 1000 lbs.

In terms of open and close times, they are usually about 16 seconds, with slight variations due to the weight of your gate. Since it is ideal for gates up to 20 feet in length, the automatic Sentry also functions as a solar automatic gate opener.

5. Mighty Mule MM560

For those looking for a single gate opener, the Mighty Mule MM560 is another good choice from the company. This product incorporates dual sense technology that meets UL325 requirements to ensure the maximum security and safety of all users.

The solar gate opener, for example, has been designed to suit a variety of gates, including chain link, ornamental iron, frame, wood, and vinyl.

Furthermore, the Mighty Mule MM560 is designed to open and close heavy duty single swing gates with maximum weight capacities of 850 lbs. and can accommodate gates up to 18 feet in length. This product also has a soft start and soft stop, which extends the life of the gate opener.

This automatic gate opener package includes a single-button remote that allows you to open your gate from a distance. You can also get a 12V and 7Ah FM150 battery from the company, as well as an AC transformer for battery charging.

The control box is also included in the package, along with all of the required installation hardware. This is one of Mighty Mule’s most powerful single automatic solar gate openers, with the ability to charge the battery (included) using a 10W solar panel (FM-123 accessory).

6. Mighty Mule MM360

The Mighty Mule MM360 gate operator is intended for use with medium-sized gates. As a result, they are mostly used as solar gate openers, but they are also ideal for small farm gates.

This model, in particular, contains dual sense technology, which is designed to provide optimum safety for your vehicle. Furthermore, this single automatic gate opener has been specifically designed to withstand a maximum gate length of 16 feet and to open gates weighing up to 550 lbs. This is a medium-sized gate opener, as you can see.

A single-button remote control, on the other hand, is included as part of the package. The gate opener is also solar friendly, thanks to a 10W solar panel accessory (FM123) or a 5-watt PV module (FM121), all of which are brand-approved.

Using these modules and a 12V automotive or marine battery (not included) with 250 cold cranking amps, you can build a self-sustaining stand-alone system that is not dependent on the grid.

Using only the transformer and the solar power provided by the modules, this solar powered swing gate opener can withstand 145 backup cycles.

7. E8 400MM Stainless

The E8 400MM stainless heavy-duty solar gate opener has been designed to withstand the most weight and duration for dual swing gates. Capable of opening two leaves up to 26 feet long or weighing 1200 pounds in total, and fitted with a screw-driven system that enhances reliability and protection.

Furthermore, the dual gate opener has an AC/DC configuration for battery backup in the event of a power failure, as well as solar compatibility with the addition of a small size 20-watt PV module.

The gate opener kit includes several parts, including a receiver and three dual button remote transmitters. There is also a unit transformer with 110V/16V output and a single 7Ah lead-acid battery model for full power grid independence.

There is a control box with a basic wiring diagram that can be followed, making installation simple, as well as two stainless steel linear actuators.

Bear in mind that the E8 dual swing gate opener is intended for use on pull-to-open or push-to-open gates and that it can be used on chain link, farm tube, aluminum, and iron gates.

8. Mighty Mule MM260

The Mighty Mule MM260 automatic is ideal for residential solar driveway gate openers. Intended for light duty, compact scale, light weight, and low cost.

The product is intended for use with most single gate forms, including chain link, tube panel, wood, and vinyl. Furthermore, the gate opener package includes the FM135 single button remote, as well as a control box and hardware installation manuals.

The included AC transformer RB570 can also be used to operate the gate using an AC source that powers the control device and can charge a 12V automotive battery (not included) capable of producing 250 cold cranking amps.

Furthermore, the Mighty Mule MM260 model is solar compatible and simple to mount (only 2-3 hours, optimized for DIY). The gate opener will receive solar power and use it to charge the 12V battery as a stand-alone device by using a 5-watt or 10-watt solar panel model.

Regarding the capacities of these single swing gates, the maximum weight of your gate should be 300 lbs. or have a 12 ft. long gate leaf to match this model.

9. Mighty Mule MM-SL2000B

Mighty Mule also makes sliding gate openers, and the MM-SL2000B model is possibly one of the best choices for sliding gates. This kit contains everything you need to get your gate opener up and running using solar energy as a secondary or primary source of electricity.

A radio receiver, a pre-installed battery, an entry transmitter, mounting hardware, and an AC transformer for grid power link are among the components included. This automatic opener is compatible with almost all sliding gates (chain link, tubular steel, ornamental, and wood).

This gate opener has a gate weight capacity of 1,000 pounds and a length of 30 feet (assuming a 20-ft. opening).

Furthermore, this equipment has adjustable obstruction sensing and is compatible with a variety of accessories such as safety loops, intercoms, phone systems, and wands.

The Mighty Mule MM-SL2000B is also solar capable and compatible with the brand’s 10-watt solar panels as well as the 24-Ah battery kit.

10. Ghost Controls DD2U Dual Kit

The Ghost Controls DD2U dual kit is an outstanding product from the company that can be used to open and close dual swing gates. This solar remote gate opener has a fast mounting system that makes installation a breeze.

Furthermore, the commodity has been optimized for decorative purposes in swing type and tub swing type gates. This solar dual automatic gate opener is compatible with a variety of gate lengths and weights, ranging from 5 feet and 1000 pounds to 20 feet and 300 pounds.

This makes it ideal for heavy-duty applications. The Ghost Controls gate opener can also be turned renewable by buying a solar panel package (sold separately), which can be used to charge a 12V automobile battery (not included) and optimize independence from the grid in the event of a power failure (ABBT2 battery box kit from the brand can also be selected).

The company also provides a lockable battery box to prevent lead-acid leaks that could disrupt the control device. Using an AC converter, the gate opener still operates and charges the battery with an AC source located within 1,000 feet of the control box.

The gate opener package contains two AXP1 remote controls, two operator arms, a control box, mounting hardware, decorative gate mounting brackets, and an installation manual.

The DD2U model from Ghost Controls has received many positive solar gate opener reviews due to its efficiency, quality, and decorative design, making it an excellent choice for home installation.

11. Mighty Mule EZGO-Solar

The Mighty Mule Ezgo-Solar automatic swing gate opener is specifically built for use as a driveway gate opener in the residential market. The package contains a 5W solar panel (FM121) that can fuel a 12V car or marine battery on a regular basis (not included).

The battery has 145 backup cycles when fully charged to keep the solar gate opener operational. The swing gate opener is simple to mount and can be operated by an alternating current (AC) link.

This Mighty Mule automatic gate operator is built to open and close gates up to 550 pounds and 16 feet long. Furthermore, the gate opener package contains two remote controls (FM135) for activating the gate when seated in your vehicle.

The key difference between this and other Mighty Mule models is that this one already contains the 5W PV module, while the others are solar capable but need the purchase of a separate solar panel.

The Mighty Mule MM360 model is a comparable product purchase with comparable capabilities and features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Choose a Solar Gate Opener – 3 Key Features to Look For?


The power of the solar gate opener is one of the most important features to consider. Each manufacturer sets parameters for the safe and correct operation of the linear actuator, which are primarily related to length and weight.

The linear actuator incorporates a DC motor with maximum torque power. Since the mechanical torque that this motor can provide is limited by its configuration, exceeding its capacity to open the gate would result in improper operation.

Solar gate openers are graded as light-duty, medium-duty, or heavy-duty based on the lengths and weights they can support.

Compare your gate’s specifications in relation to these variables, and ensure that the solar gate opener you choose is capable of handling the length or weight of your gate.

Keep in mind that potential normally applies to either maximum length or maximum weight, not both (your gate cannot have the maximum weight and maximum length at the same time).

You may also look at Ghost Controls’ chart to get a better sense of how lengths and weights vary.

Type of Gate Opener

The second factor to consider is the role. Gate opener kits are intended to serve a particular purpose. There are classified into four types:

  • Single swing gate openers
  • Dual swing gate openers
  • Single-slide gate openers
  • Dual slide gate openers

The first two are intended for gates that require torque to open or close in push or pull modes by following a semi-circular path. The key distinction between them is whether you have a single or dual gate mounted.

Meanwhile, a solar sliding gate opener operates on mechanisms that cause the gate to open in the same direction in which it is located. There are dual and single gate modes available.

Additional Features

Additional solar gate opener functionality must also be considered before making a decision. Gate opener kits can be very different from one another, as can the attachments for each gate.

Although some packages contain batteries as well as dual or even triple remote controls, others offer the battery separately and include only a single remote. You can always buy individual parts, but it is much more convenient to have anything you need in a single pack.

How Many Watts Are Required to Power a Solar Dual Gate Opener?

Solar gate openers are made up of two main parts: solar panels and batteries. Solar gate openers are usually designed to operate with 12V and 7Ah batteries.

There is a control mechanism between these batteries and the solar panel that continuously charges the battery with solar power.

Furthermore, charging can be accomplished by using a grid-supplied alternating current and an alternating current transformer connected to a control board that converts alternating current to direct current for battery charging.

Since most gate openers have an AC link and use solar power in the event of a power failure, the need for higher wattage solar panels isn’t as critical.

In general, a 5-watt or 10-watt solar module can keep the battery charged and the gate operational for the duration of the power outage. Installing a low voltage cable from the nearest AC power point to the control board, on the other hand, could be prohibitively costly in some situations.

This is true for solar-powered electric fence chargers, which are commonly found on farms or in areas with limited or no access to electricity. In that scenario, the solar gate will have to run solely on DC power from the battery and PV module.

You can use the following expression to quickly scale the module that you require: When you add the voltage and energy in Ah of the battery that you have chosen to mount, you can then add the wattage of the modules that you might buy.

The resulting time should be less than 8 hours, preferably less than 6 hours, in order to keep the gate running solely on solar energy. The same logic applies to other solar items for the home.

What Type of Gate Opener Should you buy for Swing Gates?

This is primarily determined by the number of gate leaves you have. If you have a single leaf gate, you will need to buy a package designed specifically for single swing gates.

If, on the other hand, your door gate has two leaves, you will need to buy a dual swing gate opener to fit your needs.

Furthermore, you must ensure that the swing gate you choose matches the length and weight of your existing door gate. The Mighty Mule MM560 model is one of the best models available.

The MM560 is designed for heavy-duty applications, with a capacity of up to 850 lbs. and an 18-foot length. It is suitable for almost any configuration, making it the perfect model for single gates.

In addition, for customers who have dual gates, the Ghost Controls TDS2XP heavy-duty solar dual gate opener is the best choice.

What Type of Gate Opener Should you buy for Sliding Gates?

Similarly, sliding gates have two choices. You can choose a solar sliding gate opener with a single mode (the most popular type) or a dual slide gate opener (less usual). Note that, just like swing gate openers, you must understand the product’s weight and length power.

Slide gates, in general, need more power than a comparable size swing gate because the traction needed for slide gates is often greater than the torque required for swing gates. As a result, swing gates are more suitable for solar-powered goods.

This is why there are more solar swing gate openers than solar slide gate openers. As a result, it is best to choose the exact size sliding gate opener that you need. Mighty Mule’s MM-SL2200B dual slide opener is a great choice to consider.

How Does a Solar Powered Gate Opener Work?

A solar gate opener kit is made up of several components that work together to create an integrated device for opening and closing your gates.

The linear actuator is the first and most critical part. This mechanical and electrical system incorporates an internal DC motor that is operated by DC current.

As the electric current hits the stator of the DC motor and produces a magnetic field, movement is generated on the shaft, the rotor speeds up, and the internal mechanism composed of multiple gears generates the swing movement required by the gate.

This component’s electrical feed is controlled by another component known as the control board. This feature controls all of the sensing technology (which operates in the same way as a solar motion sensor light) as well as the control mechanism for starting and stopping the solar gate opener.

The control board also manages the energy flows from the solar panels, battery, and AC feed line that power the DC motor. Finally, the solar panel and the DC battery are the other two elements.

The lead-acid battery is usually a 12V 7Ah model that is housed in a battery box to prevent lead acids from causing harm to the control system. Meanwhile, the PV module (which is not a moving part) is mounted on the top side of the gate to harvest solar energy and generate electricity.

You should appreciate the mechanism now that you understand the basic components. Second, power from the PV module is continuously pumped into the control board in order to charge the battery and reduce grid usage.

A second power source, derived from an AC cable connected to the control board, is also used to supplement the necessary energy from the grid to charge the battery and enable the linear actuator as needed.

In the event of a power outage, the solar powered gate opener enters a stand-alone mode, relying solely on the power supplied by the PV module to operate the electric gate.

Are Solar Gates Safe and Reliable?

Given the fact that solar power technology has been around since the nineteenth century – and long before that, actually – many people seem to be on the fence about whether or not solar power is powerful and safe enough to use at home or at their company.

Except in a few cases, solar power is a reliable energy source.

  • Extremely low light – this may be seasonal, like the 6 months of “darkness” in areas like Russia’s far north.
  • Inadequate location of solar panels in dense shade
  • Solar panels and inverters that have not been maintained

Aside from these, solar power is one of the most dependable and safest sources of energy that can be used around the house, especially on small devices such as a gate opener that isn’t in constant use.

Where Do You Find Solar Gate Openers?

Solar-powered gate openers are available in a variety of locations, including the most convenient shopping destination of all: Amazon. The price range can vary considerably depending on where you buy them, the nature of the products used, and so on, but you’ll usually find the best deals online.

There are, however, several physical stores that will price match in order to entice you away from online-only shopping.

If you have a favorite local store from which you’ve bought other solar products, they might be able to negotiate with you to get a better deal, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Can I use a non-solar gate opener with a solar panel?

Before you buy a solar dual gate opener, make sure it comes with a solar panel or is clearly labeled as solar compatible. Some search engines return results that group all gate openers together, even those that are not solar compatible.

If the opener can be used with solar power, it will be clearly labelled. Having said that, almost every gate opener can be compatible with solar power.

However, different components are needed for installation, and you can end up spending considerably more money to set up a regular gate opener with solar power.

Installation and Configuration of Your Solar Gate Opener

Your actuator ram – the part of the opener that actually acts as the gate opener – can be configured in a number of ways.

There is the pull to open installation process, which is most popular for gates that swing into the property or driveway, or the push to open configuration, which is useful for sloping driveways that require the gate to swing in for the best momentum.

You’ll have to determine what’s best for your situation, but most solar-powered electric gate openers come with detailed, illustrated instructions on how to set them up.

3 Tips to Reduce Damage and Wear Occurring on Your Gate Opener

Purchase a battery box

The batteries used in these applications are usually 12V automotive lead-acid types. As a result, you must exercise caution around any lead acids that can leak from the battery.

After a while, the battery may emit toxic gases that could harm any wires or control boards that are close to the battery.

Manufacturers typically provide a solution to this problem, such as the Ghost Controls ABBT2 battery box set, which is separate from the control board. If your solar gate configuration does not allow for this, perform periodic maintenance on the battery terminals and replace it every 4-5 years.

Always keep the solar powered gate opener system clean

For optimum efficiency, the push and pull tubes of the solar powered gate opener should be kept clean and lubricated at all times.

You should clean it once every two months with a soft cloth and silicon mist. Furthermore, during the winter season, keep an eye on the amount of snow that accumulates near the gates.

Accumulated snow will increase the torque necessary for swing gates, necessitating a greater effort from the DC motor.

As a result, if you keep the route as straight as possible, your machine would have little difficulty opening the gate during the winter.

Finally, the solar panel must be thoroughly washed. Dust, snow, or even bird droppings on the module’s surface can significantly reduce efficiency.

Keep in mind that because these PV modules are so thin, soiling over them has a much greater impact than on larger versions. Check the module on a regular basis and keep it clean with a soft cloth and water.

Keep the bugs out

Solar gates, especially farm gates, will most likely be located in large open areas. Snails, slugs, and spider webs can produce a moist atmosphere that can damage the circuitry and other electrical components. Use insect repellents to keep them out, and buy items that will help you keep moisture out of the control box.


Now that you’ve heard a lot about solar-powered gate openers and read a few reviews, you should be able to choose the right package and get it installed as soon as possible.

Remember to buy any additional device parts, such as batteries, solar panels for non-kits, or keypads, and have everything gathered and ready before starting your installation.

And, while almost everyone can mount a solar gate opener on their own, you can always employ a contractor if you are unsure. It’s as easy as that to mount your solar-powered gate openers on your driveway.

However, before you buy, make sure to read the latest feedback, go through all of the requirements – such as the weight of your gate in comparison to the intended use of the opener – and whether or not the package contains a solar panel. Even if the standard and ranking are good, not all kits are created equal.

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