Best Solar Flagpole Light in 2021 [Top Reviews]

The most common issue that people who display their preferred flag in their yard or lawn face is that it is not visible at night. During the hours of night, it is extremely difficult to locate a piece of patterned cloth and a metal pole.

This can be a bummer because many people want their flag to flail gloriously in the wind regardless of the time of day. Most people love their flag regardless of the location of the sun, and they would want the flag to be visible all the time.

There is a perfect solution to this problem: a solar flagpole light that runs on photovoltaic cells!

This clever product absorbs the sun’s rays during the day and then uses the energy to illuminate your flag at night. So, whether it’s day or night, your flag will be illuminated in all its glory, and you’ll be able to see it clearly whenever you look out your window.

There is no need for a bulky electrical system that includes snaking power cords all over your yard, as well as a dedicated power supply, which may end up being very expensive! Not to mention that it is eco-friendly!

However, selecting the best solar flagpole lights is not a simple job. There are thousands of models to choose from, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Add to that the fact that many models are of low quality and cheaply made, and you’ll want to proceed with caution before investing your money in a solar flagpole light.

That is why, to assist you, we have prepared this detailed A to Z guide on purchasing a solar powered flagpole light. Taking all of this into consideration, we have researched some of the best solar flagpole lights to buy based on price, quality, performance, and practicality!

How Do Solar Flagpole Lights Work?

Solar flagpole lights are mostly used to illuminate flagpoles, either as a legal requirement or as a personal preference. The flagpole light could be placed on the top of the flagpole itself (like a parasol!) or on the ground, shining skyward, depending on the model.

Flagpole lights, like all other solar power lights, capture energy from the sun – the cleanest, most commonly available, and primordial source of energy! The sun is a limitless source of energy that, unlike fossil fuels, will never run out! Not for the next few million years, at least!

This captured and stored energy is then used at night to illuminate the flagpole. When there is no sunlight falling on the solar panels(i.e., at night), a sensor senses this and switches on the light automatically.

Some models lack an automatic sensor, requiring them to be manually switched on and off at the necessary times for the light to work. The solar panels collect light energy and transform it into chemical energy (for storage) or electrical power (for actual use).

The number, intensity, angle, and period of sunlight falling on a solar cell determine its production. Another important aspect is the photovoltaic cell efficiency and characteristics. In most cases, a photovoltaic cell is a crystalline silicon wafer with metallic stripes written on it.

When exposed to light, its electrical properties such as voltage and resistance change due to the photoelectric effect. This induces an electric current that can be used for a number of purposes.

Starting with less than 1% efficiency, most solar cells can now achieve 30% efficiency, and one laboratory even achieved 46 per cent efficiency! Plants, in certain ways, can be thought of as organic photovoltaic cells!

Do Solar Flagpole Lights Work in Winter?

In the winter, all solar lights work! They can work normally as long as the solar-powered panel receives daylight to power up. The majority of solar-powered lights are equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that provide excellent performance.

One hour of direct sunlight may provide 1.3 hours of LED production in some premium products; with power-saving mode, the runtime is extended even further by reducing the power going to the LEDs.

As a result, no matter what time of year it is, the solar lights charge in the same manner. Solar panels use daylight energy, but direct sunlight is preferable because it is less diffused by clouds.

Even on a gloomy or rainy day, your solar motion panels work flawlessly. Since the device is solar-powered and has rechargeable batteries, the panel simply recovers the energy lost during the evening during the daytime.

As a result, it is recommended that the solar panel be angled to direct sunlight with nothing in its way for the best results. However, if there is a lot of snow, you can sweep it off on a regular basis.

The explanation for this is that snow could cover the plate, preventing it from collecting solar energy. Though the panels heat up when operating, which helps small amounts of snow to melt away, a large amount of snow may be too much for it to melt and may interfere with the activity of the solar flagpole light.

So, in order for the panel to work properly, make sure to clean away any snow that has accumulated on top of it!

Benefits of Solar Flagpole Lights

There are many benefits of providing a solar flagpole display. In reality, when the advantages and conveniences of solar power in this function are weighed against the problems and annoyances of a traditional electricity source for a flagpole light, there is no real option!

We’ve mentioned a few reasons why solar flagpole lights are a better option:


The most significant advantage of a solar flagpole is that it not only saves electricity but also does not cause emissions or release harmful pollutants into the environment around your house.

This means that your patriotism would not cost the Earth, which is a major threat in the twenty-first century. They make use of the best source of energy available – the sun, which is both limitless and emission-free.


Solar flagpole lights are not only less costly than the cost of installing wires and such, but they also save you money in the long run because you are not paying for electricity every night, which can easily add up!

A simple back of the envelope estimate would demonstrate that a solar flagpole light will pay for itself several times over, in addition to being less expensive in the first place!

Low Maintenance

Once assembled, all you have to do is position it, and then you can sit back and relax because there is no need for additional positioning or maintenance. A solar light can last for a long time because it is both durable and flexible.

Visually appealing

Solar flagpole lights have a modern and streamlined appearance that is much more stylish than clunky traditional lights that need wires and fixtures. It adds a touch of elegance to your patriotic installation.

How to choose the Best Solar Flagpole Light?

Purchasing the incorrect solar powered model will leave you dissatisfied and remorseful.

Thus, to ensure that your flag is magnificently and properly lit, that you do not waste your hard earned money and that you do not suffer an unwanted headache, we have prepared a cheat sheet of the most important items to look out for when purchasing the best solar flagpole lights!

You will find them mentioned below. Finding the right flagpole light becomes much simpler when you remember the below pointers. However, if you have moles in your backyard, solar lights will not discourage these imposters; you will need to buy a Solar Mole Repeller.


Check that the light is not too complex and is simple to set up and use. Avoid fancy overengineered models in favor of what is easy and known to work.

Added Extras

There is primarily one accessory option for solar flagpole lights that comes with the light. Some versions have a carabiner in the box. This increases the product’s utility by allowing you to use it for purposes other than lighting your flagpoles.

You may also use a carabiner on roadsides, parks, courtyards, camping trips, and so on. If you want more versatility from your lamp, look for one that includes a carabiner.


As we have all learned many times in our lives, any unexpected problem with any type of electrical equipment will always arise. Most people are not electrical engineers who can easily repair this with simple household tools.

Thus, to ensure that you get the most out of your light and that you are fully shielded from any unexpected costs in the event of a failure, see if it comes with a warranty. The best protection is to purchase a light with a long warranty – at least one year.

It is not a smart idea to purchase a solar flagpole light that comes with no warranty at all – this indicates that the manufacturer is not confident in the quality of their goods.

Flag Size

The size of your flag pole light will be determined by the size of the flag you hoist. You must remember the shape and size of the flag both when it is flapping in the wind and when it is resting.

After all, this would have an effect on the overall aesthetics of the flag and the attached light. To maximize the appeal, choose a lamp that is suitable for the size of the flag. In general, a low or narrow-beam floodlight is an excellent option for large flags.

A small flag, on the other hand, would look better with a wide-beam floodlight. Essentially, the flag and the flag pole light should be balanced so that neither clashes, stands out, or makes an unsightly silhouette.

Mounting Style

The way your solar flagpole light is placed (top or ground) will be the first thing people note and the most important aesthetic element. It will also have an effect on how well it absorbs solar energy and illuminates the flag at night.

Each style has advantages and disadvantages. Ground mounted flagpole lights have a clean and stylish appearance, but you run the risk of tripping and falling on protruding parts.

And if it is top-mounted (mounted on flagpoles like a parasol), it will collect more light, but it will also be more vulnerable to damage (especially when first set up) and more difficult to clean (especially in winters).

Output Lumens

A lumen is an international light unit that measures the volume or intensity of light produced by LED bulbs. Because you are purchasing a solar light that uses LED bulbs, the lumen rating is critical to remember.

The will the lumen value, the brighter the light. Many LED bulbs have a lumen value ranging from 50 to 1500. Since they are closer to the flag, a solar light of at least 200 lumens is recommended for a down facing model.

A lumen rating of 800-1000 is recommended for an up-facing ground mounted solar light model. Anything more would be excessive, and anything less would be too dim.

Battery Capacity

This relates to the internal battery’s ability to store energy from photovoltaic cells. This is primarily determined by your environment and the atmosphere there. If your region receives less or poorer quality sunlight, it is best to select a model with a lower capacity battery (around 2000-2500 mAh).

The explanation for this is that if the battery capacity is too large for the local sun, the battery will not be able to completely charge on a regular basis, which would be a waste! However, if you live in a sunny place, such as the tropics, you can get a model with a large battery capacity.


This is most definitely the first thing you can look for. Since a flagpole light will always be exposed to sunlight and the elements, it must be both durable and waterproof. If the model needs additional security, avoid purchasing it; there are much better alternatives on the market!

Pole Restrictions

You should be completely clear on the criteria for mounting the light to the pole. Each solar powered light is designed and manufactured to exact specifications. The ones that face up are typically circular with a doughnut hole.

As a consequence, if you don’t know the dimensions of your pole, you may end up purchasing a model that doesn’t suit you. You must be aware of the diameter of your flagpole.

The industry norm for 15-25 foot long flag poles is half an inch, so most residential flag poles do not reach half an inch. As a consequence, ensure that you are well-versed in the appropriate measurements.

Top 14 Best Solar Flagpole Lights in 2021

1. Sunnytech 3rd Gen Black Solar Power Flagpole Light

Our top pick for best solar flagpole light is the Sunnytech 3rd Gen Black flagpole light. Not only is it simple to use, but it is also the brightest and fastest commercial flagpole light we could find during our study.

Sunnytech third generation improvements have taken the company to new heights. From their solar batteries to their electric circuits and, eventually, to their larger and brighter bulbs, this device appears to have undergone significant and successful upgrades from previous versions.

Furthermore, the saucer shape of this flagpole light has been revamped so that it not only provides greater light coverage but also looks nicer on your flag pole.

The machine is totally waterproof, giving you the assurance that it will last a long time. Its longer lifetime ensures that you get your money’s worth, and the 1,300-lumen lights outperform dimmer versions. The 4,500mA rechargeable battery will power most regular flag poles for up to 18 hours, depending on light absorption.

2. Sunnytech 3rd Gen White Solar Power Flagpole Light

In the technology industry, a low budget is often associated with poor quality. That is not the case with the Sunnytech 3rd Gen White best solar flagpole light.

This low-cost alternative contains all of the improvements found in the 3rd Gen Black model at a price that won’t break the bank. The white model, like its black equivalent, has an updated saucer design, better light coverage, improved solar batteries and panels, and long electrical life.

Even the waterproof device offers the same dependable service as more costly versions. This Sunnytech product provides 1,300 lumens of light, a 20% increase in a light coverage area, and up to 18 hours of power.

The elegant form does not detract from the glorious show of your flag, and the flame-retardant plastic withstands the heat well. Thousands of reviewers agree: this light lasts a long time and is really easy to use.

We’ve also discovered that most people agree that the light isn’t too bright to interrupt a quiet night’s sleep, but it does provide a lovely accent to a yard.

3. Flag poles and More Solar Powered Flagpole Light Kit

We have our pick for the best solar clamping kit from Flag Poles and More, which means the kit uses a set of clamps to mount the lights and solar panels on the flagpole.

This extensive setup includes 12 LED bulbs, each of which provides 72 lumens of light for complete illumination. The rechargeable lithium battery has 2,000 mAs and provides 6 to 12 hours of illumination on a full charge.

This kit is fully flexible and fits most flag poles with diameters ranging from 2 to 4 inches. The stainless steel mounting rings hold the solar lights safe and stable, while the hose clamps adjust to keep the solar panels in place.

Buyers receive a 3’x5′ US flag to hang with their device in addition to this well-made, pro-grade cast aluminum light. The manufacturers promise a 25’x6′ cone light projection, which will provide enough illumination for flag poles of any size.

While this will definitely brighten up any flag pole, we suggest mounting the flagpole light closer to your flag, as the tail end of the lights will not have as much lighting as the first few feet.

4. Solar Light Mart Store Mini 120X Solar Powered Flagpole Light

The Solar Light Mart Store Mini 120X’s light coverage is perhaps its most impressive feature. This was our top pick for its lighting range because it has a 45-degree wide angle, a spotlight-style fixture, and a specialized magnifier lens for better quality.

Buyers receive 160 to 240 lumens per light fixture, and you can purchase several light fixtures to meet your unique needs with this product. The system comes with a black-finished aluminum-framed solar panel that not only looks good but also protects your system from damage.

The 4-way solar panels rotation allows for movement and changes, ensuring that your panel receives as much sunlight as possible for optimum power absorption. This product is an excellent option for those who do not like the clear, white light that LED lights usually emit.

Instead, it features warm white, giving the flag a toned-down display for a softer touch. You also have three brightness levels and a charge that can last anywhere from 5 to 15 hours, depending on the season and weather. It can also handle flagpoles as narrow as 2 inches and as wide as 5.5 inches with simple adjustments.

5. Solar Light Mart Store Alpha 180X Solar Flagpole Light

Although this next best solar flagpole light is made by the same company as the previous one, we like it for a completely different purpose. The Alpha 180X from Solar Light Mart Store is an excellent multipurpose light.

While many of the options on this list are only appropriate for flagpoles, this one can also be used in your yard for uplighting and downlighting. The rectangular LED lightbox houses 35 bulbs with adjustable brightness levels ranging from 60 to 230 lumens.

It can store 6 to 12 hours of energy for overnight use thanks to a long-lasting lithium battery. The light’s 60-degree beam contributes to its effectiveness and versatility, providing a large coverage area to effectively light a flag and other outdoor fixtures such as ornamental trees, plants, and pathways.

The Alpha 180X is made of tempered glass and cast iron, making it water, weather, and temperature resistant. It is genuinely reliable and long-lasting, making it a worthwhile investment.

It comes with everything you need to match different pole fabrics, shapes, and sizes, making installation a breeze. Enjoy the automatic on/off lighting, which is both high-tech and plain. It does, however, work best when it is as close to the object being illuminated as possible.

6. Hoont 20 LED Solar Powered Flagpole Light

The Hoont 20 LED solar flagpole light is compatible with standup flag poles up to 25 feet tall, enabling you to proudly display your flags both day and night. The solar power panel has six slots for absorbing sunlight, allowing it to provide up to 8 hours of light.

The Hoont model is fantastic because it is extremely simple to set up and use. It fits on standard size flagpole spindles and can be topped with an ornamental ball of your choice—please note that the ornament is not included.

We appreciate the fact that you don’t need any special equipment to install this. What we love even more is that it is highly robust and can withstand all forms of inclement weather. Its small size will not detract from your show, but rather highlight it!

7. Solar Illumination FL06 Solar 45 LED Flagpole Light

The Solar Illuminations FL06 flagpole light is powerful and beautiful thanks to 45 solar LED lights. Because of the design of the two key components—the light and the solar panel—this device is extremely flexible.

You can either mount them together on a flag pole or position them side by side on the field. You can also stack them one on top of the other on a wall of your choice.

This collection is also extremely durable, with advanced and dependable weatherproofing as well as titanium, brass, and glass materials. The tilt of both the light and the panel is fully adjustable, allowing you to soak up all of the sunlight while getting the exact flagpole lighting you need.

All 45 of these lights emit up to 60 to 75 watts (270 lumens) of light over a 100,000-hour lifespan. This best solar flagpole light is an ideal choice for both permanent and temporary lighting solutions, and the fact that the light turns on and off automatically with the rising and setting of the sun definitely helps.

8. Deneve Store Deluxe Solar Flagpole Light

The Deneve Store Deluxe solar flag pole light provides a straightforward solution to an ethical quandary. It’s ideal for standard flagpoles varying in height from 15 to 25 feet. It also accommodates poles as narrow as half an inch, increasing its versatility.

Of necessity, the long-lasting design is rechargeable. You can also use AA batteries to replace the batteries if you prefer. It is totally simple to install and does not require the use of any software or complicated instructions.

In reality, all you have to do is thread the light’s hole over the shaft of your pole and tighten it with your hands. This Deneve model also offers outstanding light coverage—up to 20% better than a regular flag pole light.

The LED lights are extra-strong, and reviewers agree it adds a lovely touch to their flags. Although there is no ornamental ball or flag included in the kit, it does have automatic on/off features. As a result, one comfort compensates for the absence of another.

Furthermore, research on its longevity shows that it performs well in adverse weather conditions, including hailstorms.

9. Totobay 76 LED Solar Powered Flagpole Light

The 76 LED solar flag pole light is the most recent, updated version of the Totobay model, with super bright lights that measure a whopping 800 lumens.

Even if this brightness seems to be excessive to you, you have the option of changing between its three different settings to fit your needs. For improved visibility, the double-sided configuration includes a top set of 12 LED lights and a bottom set of 64 LED lights.

It also has 11 solar panels with a capacity of 2,200 mAh, suggesting that the rechargeable battery is extremely powerful and can provide light for up to 8 to 10 hours. This light’s outer shell is waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about hurricanes or harsh weather.

The light comfortably fits over regular flagpoles and comes with a hanging buckle for multipurpose use.

10. Deneve Store Standard Solar Flagpole Light

The Standard Solar Flagpole Light is the second Deneve Store product on our list. This downward facing light is mounted on 15 to 25-foot flagpoles and shines powerful light down from above the flag, lighting it for all to see.

The wide-angle light is available with a silver or gold ornamental ball. This is not only attractive in terms of design, but it is also a useful feature given that most kits do not have an ornament.

While this light is incredibly simple to use, it does come with its own YouTube tutorial that you can use for a little extra assistance. The regular model does have automatic on/off settings, as long as you switch it on first.

From there, it can detect when it is time to turn on and off, saving you the trouble of doing it manually.

11. ZIOTI 128 LED Solar Flagpole Light

The ZIOTI solar flagpole light is no joke, with 128 LED lights and a 2500mAh solar panel. This product provides super bright lights for up to ten hours at night, absolutely lighting your flag for a great show.

It’s long-lasting, and it shows. With rave reviews and a guarantee of 150,000 hours of use, it’s no surprise that this is a popular product. The 12 panels collect electricity, and the automatic on/off sensors monitor your light for you—you don’t have to remember anything.

This light is simple to install and fits with most regular flagpoles. Even if you have an issue, ZIOTI provides customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This solar flagpole light is also multipurpose, which means you can use it on your flag pole and then get a second one for somewhere else in your yard if you decide you like it—which we think you will.

12. SOLVAO Solar Flag Pole Light

One of the best features of these lights is the extra-large 1800 adjustable solar panel. The solar panel can be conveniently modified to face either direction where it can receive more sunlight.

This form of solar panel captures the most sun rays, allowing for more effective charging of the solar lights, allowing them to last up to 10 hours. These adaptable lights allow you to use them anywhere you want.

There is no messy or complicated wiring needed, so you can install it yourself without the assistance of a professional. The SOLVAO brightest solar flag pole light operates on its own to provide greater comfort to its consumer.

These lights have an auto on/off sensor, which allows it to automatically power up at night and turn off at dawn, as well as charge during the day. These lights are waterproof and weatherproof to IP65 standards and are ideal for use outside without easily harmed.

But our favorite feature of this solar flag pole light is their two lighting modes: highlight mode and dim light mode. You can easily switch between these two modes to achieve your desired brightness while conserving energy.

13. LBell 30 LED Solar Flagpole Light

The LBell 30 LED solar flagpole light has a clean and attractive design that complements the high-functioning 30 LED lights. Because of advanced sensors, the on/off button allows for automatic illumination and the button blends in for a discreet appearance.

The solar panel is a newer and more efficient design, with larger panels and more of them—11 in all. This allows the battery to charge effectively, storing enough energy to last the entire night.

The pulley assembly system makes installation easy, and it comes with a carabiner to hook your flag right into the end. It’s suitable for a half-inch rod and matches well with your chosen ornament.

This light is also multipurpose, which means you can use it on your flag pole and then get a second one for somewhere else in your yard if you decide you like it—which we think you will.

14. LAFEINA 26 LED Solar Flagpole Light

This LAFEINA model’s strong 26 lights serve their role well in lighting your stand up flag pole. It’s extremely simple to use and install, with no complex tools or instructions needed.

The on/off button can be used manually, but with a single click, you can program it to detect natural outdoor lighting and switch it on at sunset and off at sunrise.

Then, energy-saving LED lights bulbs shine bright flag light without increasing your energy bill.

These bright solar lights have a lumen output of 1,300, which is five times that of standard solar powered flagpole lights. This gives you plenty of light, and you’ll most certainly be pleased with the end result.

This solar flag pole light is designed to suit most regular flagpoles ranging in height from 15 to 25 feet, and it attaches to a half-inch thick rod. The larger circumference provides excellent light coverage, and the company backs it up with a money-back guarantee.


Putting up a flag in front of our house is a way to display our patriotism. However, without illumination, it would be impossible to see at night. Installing an electricity-powered spotlight will boost your energy bills.

The good news is that you can now use solar flagpole lights to illuminate your flags comfortably and affordably. You will find the best solar powered flagpole lights if you know what features to look for. If you want one for your house, you can look into the options we listed above.

The best ones are solid, simple to install, compatible with standard flagpole sizes, waterproof, and weatherproof. Our selections cover a wide range of features, prices, and quality that will meet your needs and enhance your solar-powered outdoor lighting experience.

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