Why Astrum Solar?

Your Going Solar Experience

At Astrum Solar, we want our customers to enjoy the entire experience of going solar and not just the end results. So, we work hard to make sure the experience is turnkey, effortless and worry-free. Our professionals take care of everything, from precise measurements of your roof to post-installation paperwork for grants and rebates, and everything in between.

Astrum Solar: Our Process
Get Ready – Paperwork & Permitting

  • Utility Interconnection
  • Local Building, Electrical & Zoning Permits
  • Building Structural Review
  • State Grant & Local Rebate Applications
  • Solar Renewable Energy Credit Registration
  • Homeowners’ Association Review
  • Historical Review and Approval

System Installation & Inspection

  • Installers - Confirm design, apply racking system, microinverters and solar panels to roof, and connect solar system to junction box.
  • Electricians - Wire system from junction box to home.
  • Certification of Completion - Local inspectors visit home and verify solar system meets national code requirements.

Power Up and Enjoy Solar

  • Net Metering - Start savings with your first electric bill
  • Enlighten Website Performance Monitoring - Monitor your solar power production online.