Why Astrum Solar?

Worry-Free Guarantees

Once you install solar panels to power your home you can forget about them. We monitor your solar panel system remotely.  If something goes wrong, we'll show up and fix it.  Most of the things we do to be greener or more energy efficient require us to make some changes to the way we live, whether it’s carpooling more, traveling less, or turning the thermostat just past comfortable. Going solar doesn’t require you to do anything differently.

Solar Production Guarantee

When your system over performs you save more.  If your system ever falls short, we’ll pay you the difference in solar generation.

Peace-Of-Mind Warranties

We warranty all our installations, and your Enphase microinverters and solar panels (the most expensive part of your system) are each under manufacturer warranty for 25 years.

Simple Solutions

Our guarantees also extend beyond the installation itself to other "what if's": we offer simple solutions if you move or change your roof.