Why Astrum Solar?

Our Design Process

At Astrum Solar, our solar professionals invest the time and apply their skill at the very beginning to design and install a solar system that lets you get more energy and more electricity savings from your solar home. Because we take extra care upfront, you start saving instantly and get the most savings over the lifetime of your home solar system.

No Obligation Site Surveys Upfront

We send our solar experts personally to your home to measure and assess your roof before we present a proposal. Other companies simply take a picture by satellite, but a picture from outer space can miss important details. No roof is the same: precise measurement is the key to optimizing your usable roof space and developing an accurate and comprehensive installation plan that maximizes your energy production so you get the best performance and the most savings.

Consultative Approach

Going solar is a big and exciting decision that will change your home forever. Our consultative approach helps us learn everything we can about your goals and priorities so we can design a system that works for your home. We also spend time to educate you and make sure you feel comfortable about the choices you make. We give it to you straight, so you have every detail you need to make the right decisions.

NABCEP-Certified PV Installers

Every Astrum Solar installation is custom-designed and supervised by a NABCEP-Certified PV Installer™. NABCEP, the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners is the “gold standard” for PV solar installation certification and was designed to raise industry standards and promote consumer confidence. To locate certified solar PV installers on NABCEP’s website, click here for the NABCEP Installer Locator agreement, which provides access to the Installer Locator page.