Why Astrum Solar?

Microinverter Technology on Every Installation

Because we use the Enphase® Microinverter System, the most reliable, up-to-date technology, you get a more efficient home solar system. You also get greater design flexibility in the placement of your panels and an easily expandable system.

Most Energy Generated

Astrum Solar installations were included in a recent field study that shows Enphase microinverters generate a 16% net benefit on average compared to traditional inverters.

Traditional Inverter

With a central inverter device, solar panels are wired together in series. As a result, the output of your entire solar system can be dragged down by one panel. This situation makes your system more susceptible to common environmental factors such as shade.

Our Microinverter Inverter

Enphase microinverters solve this problem by replacing the central inverter with compact inverters installed under each solar panel. This approach allows each panel to work independently, for maximum energy production and a more electricity savings over the lifetime of your system.

State-Of-The-Art Performance Monitoring

You can track your daily personal energy stats and see exactly how much solar energy you’re producing and how much you’ve reduced your carbon footprint. The Enlighten™ website performance monitoring shows you how much wattage your panels are generating from hour to hour and what that translates to in terms of trees planted or cars taken off the road. Click here or on the monitor image above to see the Enlighten website performance monitoring in action (a new window will open).