Why Astrum Solar?

Free Solar Installation

Yes, You Can Afford Solar Today

What other home improvements are free to install? When you switch to solar power with Astrum Solar, you can pay nothing to start, begin saving on your very next electricity bill and watch your solar energy savings multiply over the lifetime of your system. Think solar is beyond your budget? Think again.

Become Your Own Clean Power Plant

With Astrum Solar, you can afford to switch to solar today and instantly free yourself from unpredictable utility costs. We make going solar so easy and rewarding that you have virtually nothing to lose — and a lifetime of carefree electricity savings to gain.

Just Pay as You Go for Your Solar Power

Pay nothing or very little upfront for your solar installation, and your solar energy payoff can be immediate. You’ll love opening your electricity bill. Your monthly solar energy bill, combined with your new electricity bill, will be much lower than your old electricity bill. Just watch your solar energy savings pile up over the next 20 years.

Make a Personal Investment in Solar Power

You can buy your solar system and earn the biggest payoff of all. Start saving on your very first utility bill, and watch your energy costs roll backwards over the life of your solar system. When you choose to own your solar system, you take advantage of all the available solar incentives yourself. And, we take care of all the paperwork for you. You even get to pick how we pay you for the Solar Renewable Energy Certificates produced by your system.

A solar power system is customized for your home, so pricing, savings, utility bill and solar bill amounts and actual returns vary based on location, system size, available solar incentives and local utility rates. Financing terms vary by location and are not available in all areas.