Why Astrum Solar?

Solar Renewable Energy Credit Aggregator

Best Value for Your SRECs

Most states have laws requiring utilities to produce a percentage of their electricity using renewable sources of energy (or pay a fine to the state). The utility can meet this requirement by buying Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) from solar homeowners. It’s a win-win-win situation! You get money from the utility for putting up solar panels, the utilities don’t need to become experts in adding solar to roofs, and the state gets more solar installations. Astrum Solar aggregates SRECs and sells them to utility companies for customers in states with an SRECs market. SRECs prices are not fixed but negotiated, and Astrum Solar, as one of the top residential SRECs aggregators in the country, has the leverage to get the best value for our customers.

What are SRECs worth?

SRECs are paper credits that are worthless to you but are worth a lot to the utility companies. The number of credits your home generates is based on the total amount of solar energy your system produces and is not related to the amount of excess electricity you send back to the utility grid. Astrum Solar registers your solar system and sells your SRECs for you to utility companies so they don’t have to pay the state a fine for not having enough solar in their “portfolio.” The fine, called the Alternative Compliance Penalty (ACP) will likely be higher in the first few years and then will decline over time because the ACP (as defined in the laws of many states) decreases over time.

Payment Options

As one of the nation’s top residential SREC aggregators, Astrum Solar can offer you the best value for your future SRECs. In the yearly payment option, Astrum Solar will send you a payment each year for the value of the credits your system produced that year. In the 0% brokerage option, we will send you payments each year for the full earnings from the sales of the SRECs your system produced that year.

When you use our Solar Calculator to get an estimate for a solar installation for your home, it will include a value for your SRECs. We also buy the SRECs generated from systems not installed by Astrum Solar, but the offers are at a lower price and with less flexibility than what we offer to our own installation customers. Visit Astrum SRECs to learn more.

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