The Basics

Is My Home Good for Solar?

Available Roof Space Determines How Much Power Your Home Can Produce

The amount of energy generated from solar panels depends on the size of the system which is limited only by your available roof space and your budget. It’s possible to supply 100% of your home’s electricity from solar panels, but most solar homes are “hybrids”, with part of their electricity coming from panels and part from the utility grid. The larger the system, the more power it can produce.

You can choose by what fits your home and budget best.  There are three factors in determining how much of your roof space is available for solar panels: orientation, shading and roof structure.

The higher quality the location, the more efficiently your solar panels can generate power. Location quality is determined by two things: the amount of shading on your roof, and the orientation (north, south, east, west) of your roof. South facing roofs with absolutely no shading issues are ideal.