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Josh Goldberg
VP and Co-founder
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The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center has made data on the number of projects funded through the Commonwealth solar grant available to the public.


Louis Stachowiak of New Windsor is one such customer who recently decided to sign up for a lease on solar panels.


The latest trend in solar power is leasing panels to save money over and above utility cost benefits.


Larry Cameron's home is equipped with 75 panels on the side of his barn, while Chris Cameron has 49 panels on the top of his house.


Are you thinking of solar power for your home but not sure if it's cost effective? Tonight the president of Maryland based Astrum Solar joins MPT to answer your questions.

February 2012

A family in West Chester, Pennsylvania digs deep to heat and cool their 1922 house with geothermal technology. The Solar Spotlight highlights the addition of an Astrum Solar ground mounted PV array.


You may have heard it before, but it is worth mentioning again: In residential communities, solar is contagious. A recent study sheds some new light on the phenomenon.


There was a lot of activity atop the Elgamils' roof by Astrum Solar all in preparation for the 33 solar panels that were about to be schlepped onto the roof that Elgy, himself, placed on his house.


In December 2011, Astrum Solar installs solar panels atop Greenbelt Baptist Church as part of an agreement between the church and Greenbelt Community Solar.


Josh Goldberg testifies that House Bill 1580 will not increase the overall solar requirement in Pennsylvania, but instead shifts the requirement forward so that the solar energy industry can be sustained and continue to grow.