Solar by State


Incentives Make Solar More Affordable Than Ever

The combination of government and utility incentives can drive down the cost of your solar installation by more than 50%! Federal, State, and Local governments, along with utilities, are pitching in to lower the cost of home solar power because solar is a great investment for them as well as for you. If you choose to lease your solar system, you still benefit because most of these incentives transfer to your system owner. The incentives require some paperwork, which Astrum Solar will take care of for you.

Federal, State and Local Rebates

Federal Rebate

The Federal rebate is very straightforward. It is 30% off your installation price. It’s a simple one page form that attaches to your Federal tax return and you will get your money as a tax rebate. There is no risk money will run out.

Pennsylvania Sunshine State Solar Rebate Program

The current Pennsylvania state grant incentive is in its final stages and any new projects are being put on a waiting list. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced that the Sunshine Solar Rebate Program applications will continue to be received and reviewed. However, completed applications will only be assigned a rebate if money becomes available through attrition. The rebate amount under the fourth and final tier of incentives is $.75 per watt, with a maximum grant of the lesser of $7,500 or 35% of installed costs.

If you sign a contract by November 30, 2012, Astrum Solar will guarantee your PA Solar Rebate system funding. The Last Chance PA Rebate Guarantee offer applies whether you choose to lease or own your solar system. After this date, the waiting list will be too long for Astrum Solar to risk guaranteeing the rebate funding for any new customers applications.

These grants are available only to those who use approved installers, and Astrum Solar is the leading Pennsylvania Sunshine Program installer with more than 400 projects. Astrum Solar is also an approved installer for the Keystone HELP® Energy Efficiency Loan and Rebate Program which provides long-term loans (up to 20 years) for solar installations (only if performed by approved installers). For more information see the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) website.

Solar Renewable Energy Credits

Most states have laws requiring utilities to produce a percentage of their electricity using renewable sources of energy (or pay a fine to the state). The utility can meet this requirement by buying Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) from solar homeowners. It’s a win-win-win situation! You get money from the utility for putting up solar panels, the utilities don’t need to become experts in adding solar to roofs, and the state gets more solar installations.

Astrum Solar can offer you the best value for your SRECs. That’s because SRECs prices are not fixed but negotiated, and Astrum Solar, as one of the region’s top SRECs aggregators, has the leverage to get the best price for our customers.

What is one SREC Worth?

When you use our Solar Calculator to get an estimate for a solar installation for your home, it will show you the price we can offer you for your SRECs.

View the current market prices for Pennsylvania SRECs here.