• Location:

    Woburn, MA

  • System Size:

    6.975 kW

  • Estimated Monthly Production:

    604 kWh

  • Projected Savings This Year:


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Wayne looked into getting solar panels five or 10 years ago but found it to be cost-prohibitive. Then, he says, he heard a commercial on the radio that was a turning point in his decision to go solar. It was not only a matter of dollars. Wayne very much supports the collective effort of using energy efficiently and furthering independence from foreign oil. Ultimately, it's free money and free energy, he believes. "If a lot of us did this, what a big difference we all could make."

"This was my project," Wayne says. "I had to sell my wife a bit on the idea. She had some aesthetic concerns, and she was also concerned about the cost. I convinced her we could make it back in the long run. To me, solar panels are a complete no-brainer."

I really appreciated how helpful and available my sales person was. He was very patient and knowledgeable and then he handed the baton to my project lead.

A solar company's radio ad piqued Wayne's interest, but when he contacted them, the representative was skeptical that the company could make solar work for his house. "Then I approached Astrum," he says. "When they came out and looked at my roof they assured me we could do it. They met with both my wife and me at a convenient time and answered all of our questions."   Astrum Solar uses Enphase microinverters in all their systems which enables greater design flexibility and often results in bigger and more efficient solar systems in the same available roof space.

"I really appreciated how helpful and available my salesperson was. He was very patient and knowledgeable, and then he handed the baton to my project lead. I like the turnkey approach – soup to nuts. Busy people really appreciate it." Wayne started making solar energy in August, and his expectation is that he will make $4,000 a year.

"I plan to use a spreadsheet to track my production and follow up on my electricity savings and SRECs," he says.

"Every time I pull into my driveway and see my solar panels, I am proud."

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