• Location:

    Silver Spring, MD

  • System Size:

    3.6 kW

  • Estimated Monthly Production:

    293 kWh

  • Projected Savings This Year:


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“I first became interested in installing solar panels three years ago when I toured a home in Takoma Park that was powered by them,” says Rochelle. “It was amazing to see an electric meter running backward, selling power back to the power company.”  At that time, the cost of the panels was prohibitive for Rochelle and her family due to fewer incentives offered by local and federal governments, so they shelved the idea but kept hoping for changes in technology that would reduce the costs.

In the meantime, Rochelle’s daughter became involved with Power Shift, a student based climate activist group.  Rochelle and her husband began hosting young people from around the country who came to Capitol Hill on a yearly basis to make their case for bold, comprehensive, and immediate federal climate action.  These dedicated, motivated students willing to travel long distances and sleep on the floor, made Rochelle even more motivated to make important changes in their energy consumption.  “It’s great having a big house to invite these kids to, but it really made me uncomfortably aware of my carbon stamp.”

Astrum Solar's evaluation of our roof was more thorough and logical than anyone else's, but their flexibility when it came to meeting our specific needs was the tipping point for us.

When Rochelle learned more about the tax incentives available, solar started looking possible.  Rochelle met with three different solar companies.  Astrum Solar quickly became the obvious choice due to their professionalism, their excellent and current knowledge of the field, and their commitment to service, not just the sale.  “They were able to patiently and thoroughly answer all of our questions, making technical concepts very clear. Their evaluation of our roof was more thorough and logical than anyone else’s, but their flexibility when it came to meeting our specific needs was the tipping point for us. It was also very important for us to choose a company that was just as committed to the environment as I was.”

“Another reason we chose Astrum is that they are the largest aggregator of SRECs in the area and could therefore give us the best payback.”  Further, Rochelle says, “Astrum Solar is unparalleled at making this experience smooth and headache free.  They responded to all my questions immediately, filled out all the paperwork and permitting, scheduled the installation and showed up when they said they would.  The installation was done quickly and professionally.  The installers were committed to the company and to what they were doing for the environment. All in all it was a very enjoyable experience.”

“Going solar makes me feel good.  It has made me even more aware of the direct impact I can make by turning off the computer every night and hanging out my laundry.   Now I can actually see the difference I’m making just by looking at the cool computer model of my system.  There is too much bad news when it comes to our planet and it can get me down, but getting solar panels make me feel like I am making a bigger difference, and if I can get all my neighbors to get them too, then my example will have even greater reach.  What are you waiting for?”

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