• Location:

    Oswego, NY

  • System Size:

    6.29 kW

  • Estimated Monthly Production:

    537 kWh

  • Projected Savings This Year:


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Steve's decision to go solar was a combination of good investment strategy and his own family members' recommendations. "Once you've known somebody who has installed solar panels, it makes it that much easier to take the next step," Steve says. "It's hard to invest in something you don't know much about." He refers to his father and sister in California who have already gone solar. Steve's concern was whether it would work for him in the snowy climate of upstate New York. "Every time the fossil fuel prices went up, I thought about switching to solar or wind."

Investment payoff was Steve's other concern.  With the online Solar Calculator, he found it easy to get a ballpark idea of what the cost and payback looked like. "There are just so many different parts of the equation," he says. "What I invested was like buying a small boat, but I'm getting much more of a return on my investment."
The final deciding factor, he says, were the guarantees Astrum Solar offers. "You can pay off the system in six and a half or seven years, but the system is under warranty for much longer. How could you lose? I liked the tax credits. I liked the bottom line. It's a good investment."

I came home the second day and the system was already working.

Steve says that every experience he's had with Astrum was a positive one. "It helps to have knowledgeable people who can explain the design part and solar generation," he says. "It was the polar opposite of the [movie] Money Pit. As far as any home contractors I have ever worked with, Astrum was the most professional. I came home the second day and the system was already working. It was that cut-and-dried."

"What I like is that I know ahead of time that all I will be paying is about $16 a month," Steve says.

"I like to look on the meter and write on my calendar how much it is negative. Right now I am about 630kW ahead, and it is the middle of the winter. I plan to get an electric car and had my system sized so we have enough to offset the extra electricity consumption."

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