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  • Location:

    Baltimore, MD

  • System Size:

    20.16 kW

  • Estimated Monthly Production:

    2,184 kWh

  • Projected Savings This Year:


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Merritt Properties is an industry leader in the Baltimore area in the field of LEED-certified building and has been committed to “greening” their buildings for many years. Their first certified LEED Gold project in Elkridge, MD, incorporated a 4.4kW solar installation. Their second registered LEED project –Schilling Green in Hunt Valley, MD – is intended to be LEED Platinum and features a 20kW solar system, designed and installed by Astrum Solar.

“Solar is what sustainability is all about,” said Josh Asbury of the Land and Development division of Merritt Properties. “It’s harnessing the power of the sun – an infinite source of energy. And solar is what tipped us from LEED Gold to LEED Platinum in the Schilling Green project.”

“Until recently, solar was just too expensive,” said Josh. “But now, with Federal grants, solar makes sense. The payback used to be 40 years, and now it’s 10 years or less.”

Solar is what sustainability is all about. It’s harnessing the power of the sun - an infinite source of energy. And solar is what tipped us from LEED Gold to LEED Platinum.

Merritt Properties was initially concerned that adding solar panels would reduce their flexibility in altering the roof design to accommodate tenant needs. But for Schilling Green, they managed to set aside enough unshaded roof space to accommodate a system that will generate 26,208 kWh and save $4,141in energy savings in the first year.

“Several solar companies solicited our business for Schilling Green,” said Josh. “We found Astrum Solar to be the most responsive. One of their big selling points is that they’re clearly there to help. I was really pleased with Astrum Solar’s performance. Everything was done as promised, on time and on budget. They were a pleasure to work with.”

“With solar-powered buildings, you’re taking control of your utility costs,” said Josh. “Your electricity costs are not only lower but they’re also more predictable for the life of the panels, which is several decades. And you’re putting otherwise unproductive roof space to good use,” said Josh.

“Building ‘green’ buildings is more than a good marketing tool, “said Josh. “Buildings that aren’t LEED certified will be obsolete in the near future, with the new energy efficiency mandates. We want to be ahead of the game.”

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