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  • Location:

    Laurel, MD

  • System Size:

    4.2 kW

  • Estimated Monthly Production:

    363 kWh

  • Projected Savings This Year:


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The Silver-Isenstadts had been considering going solar for about two years, when Ari’s brother Bill helped make the decision for them: he went solar first. Bill and his wife, Kerri, hired Astrum Solar to install a 4.2 kW system on their home in Howard County.

“We wanted to do our part for the environment, and also bring down our energy bills, but we were concerned about the cost and about what’s involved in the installation and maintenance of solar panels. Bill and Kerri had a great experience with Astrum. They were a very important reference for us.”

We feel great about having a solar system; it was something we wanted to do, and Astrum Solar made it affordable.

“Astrum Solar was a pleasure to work with – they’re accessible, responsive and reliable. They were strong in all departments.”

Jean and Ari also discovered that the federal, state and county rebates, along with Astrum Solar’s upfront reimbursement for their renewable energy credits made solar panels an affordable and cost effective solution for them.

For Jean, the most rewarding part of going solar is knowing that they have reduced their carbon footprint. But she’s also pleased to see their energy bills drop from the moment their panels were installed. “We feel great about having a solar system; it was something we wanted to do, and Astrum Solar made it affordable,” said Jean.

Jean and Ari were so delighted with their new solar panels that they hosted a solar open house for their friends and neighbors to show them what a solar home looks like, and what an energy meter looks like when it’s running backward.

Jean has this to say to friends and neighbors who are considering going solar: “With solar panels, every sunny day offers a potential reduction in your energy bills and a way to reduce your carbon footprint. It feels good to see that sunshine put to use!”

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