• Location:

    Wattsburg, PA

  • System Size:

    10.045 kW

  • Estimated Monthly Production:

    823 kWh

  • Projected Savings This Year:


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Fred, owner of Fred's Fine Fowl and Suspended Moments Photography, is proud that going solar has reduced his carbon footprint and contributes to energy being produced by renewable means. "State and federal rebate incentives finally made solar feasible for us in Pennsylvania," he says.

Fred's final decision on an installation company was based on newly available Suntech solar panels that were introduced to the market in July 2011, vastly improving low light capabilities. "Astrum already had these panels listed in their materials option package," he says. "We found their warranty and service to be our best choice. Astrum had a top rating with the PA Better Business Bureau and offered the best system we could find."

The Astrum electricians were absolutely top notch. They took their time and demonstrated excellent attention to detail.

"Originally, we were going to simply have small solar systems on each of our out buildings for goats, chickens and so on, and then it just made sense to do the entire house and be done with it." Fred decided to install a 10 kW system with 41 solar panels. That the solar panels have a 25-year manufacturer's warranty, guaranteed to put out 80% of design output at 25 years, impressed him.

"The Astrum electricians were absolutely top notch!" Fred says. "They took their time and demonstrated excellent attention to detail. All of them were friendly, competent and very professional. Astrum made the entire process all very easy, filing all necessary rebate paperwork and brokering our SRECs. They even guaranteed the state rebate."

"Our system now is generating much more electricity than we are using, even in November! I calculate that with rebates and energy savings, this system will pay for itself in under seven years, even if SREC values bomb." Now that Fred knows his system performance even on overcast and rainy days, he says he's doing away with propane appliances like his stove and hot water heater. He is converting to efficient electric versions to further his savings. "Watching our meter spin backwards never gets old. Cha-ching!"

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