• Location:

    Edison, NJ

  • System Size:

    4.2 kW

  • Estimated Monthly Production:

    424 kWh

  • Projected Savings This Year:


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Sharon and Elliott are both accountants and like to get to the bottom line, so it was not a surprise when Sharon pulled out her checkbook and shared her last seven months of electricity bills to describe her favorite part of their solar experience. "Each month gets better and better — it's unbelievable," she says. "These are real numbers."

New Bill Old Bill
May $1 $74
June $27 $148
July $106 $264
August $113 $218
September $50 $161
October $40 $105
November $34 $87
$371 $1,057

Sharon spearheaded the solar project  and estimates that she spoke to half a dozen installers during her evaluation process. "I really liked the Solar Calculator on the Astrum Solar website," she said. "I knew right away what solar was going to cost and what I was going to save. With many of the other companies, I had to wait and sit through their spiel before I could get to the bottom line."  

"Astrum Solar had the best reputation and gave me the best payback. They were upfront about everything, honest about the details, and were pretty flexible in working with me on the design and how the panels were fitted on the roof," she explains.

Each month gets better and better – it's unbelievable. These are real numbers.

The proactive communication continued during the installation phase as Sharon's Astrum Solar project lead coordinated all the pieces and people and kept Sharon updated as her project moved forward. The installation itself took only a day and a half. "They were very professional. They came, they installed and they made it effortless and trouble-free," said Sharon.  

Sharon expects to get an even quicker payback because her solar system production is coming in higher than the original electricity estimates. "I come out ahead of the game financially, plus I contribute to keeping our planet greener."

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