• Location:

    Carlisle, PA

  • System Size:

    12.075 kW

  • Estimated Monthly Production:

    1,157 kWh

  • Projected Savings This Year:


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When the Sheffields first considered getting solar panels 15 years ago: "it was a way to be environmentally conscious and to keep the power company from taking advantage of us," said David. "But the cost of panels was prohibitive at the time."

David kept tabs on the costs of residential solar panels over the years, and last year, when the Pennsylvania Sunshine Solar Program came into being, David made his move.

"The incentives are very good right now. The Pennsylvania Sunshine Grant covered $22,500 of my system; and with the SREC’s and Federal Tax Credits, my system (which provides almost 100% of my electrical power), will pay for itself in only five years."

My last electric bill was $8.75. My neighbors are wide-eyed when they hear about my electric bill.

David found Astrum Solar through a neighbor who had just contracted with Astrum Solar to install a solar panel system on his home. "After checking out Astrum Solar’s impressive website and going through their solar calculator to get an estimate, it was a no-brainer", said David.  "I met with Astrum Solar and I was very impressed by their knowledge and by the fact that they handle everything – all the paperwork and permits."

"My last electricity bill was $8.75. I didn’t expect to see my electricity costs drop so quickly! My neighbors are wide-eyed when they hear about my electric bill. After only seven weeks of being solar, we had a 58kWh surplus. And with the sunny weather we’re having, it will only get better!"

"I tell people that if they’re going to make the decision to go solar, they should do it now," said David. "The Pennsylvania grant money won’t be there forever. Now’s the time to do it, and to start reaping the savings. The sooner you do it, the better off you’ll be."

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