• Location:

    Woodbridge, VA

  • System Size:

    5.43 kW

  • Estimated Monthly Production:

    407 kWh

  • Projected Savings This Year:


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For the Wilsons it was the investment potential that first sold them on going solar, the green aspects came second. When Amy and John were looking for an investment opportunity, John heard a piece on NPR about solar in Germany. “It was the spark that got us thinking about investing in something for us,” said John. “Initially, we thought solar wasn’t viable financially, but Amy took it as a challenge and found all the available incentives through online research. We crunched the numbers and realized it would work.” Amy adds, “You sink the money upfront and get monthly payments just like bonds, but you are not in a position to lose the money.”

Once the Wilsons made the decision to go solar, they still had another hurdle to overcome. The family home is in a heavily wooded area and the initial evaluation of their site solar potential was not favorable. John, an engineer, got out his calculator and Google Maps and identified that the shading issue was actually concentrated in two small areas. Astrum Solar confirmed John’s analysis. Amy found a cost effective and environmental conscious way to remove the trees in the areas and their dream of going solar became a reality.

You sink the money upfront and get monthly payments just like bonds, but you are not in a position to lose the money.

Astrum Solar stood out from the other installers. “Others were cagey about what it costs and we needed to understand what the financial terms were,” said John. “The Astrum Solar calculator shows you immediately. You don’t have to wait for a sales call to get hard numbers.”

“With Astrum Solar we received a premium experience all around. Their response to our questions was immediate and personal, we liked that they handled everything and they use microinverters. The install went a lot faster than we expected” said John.

“This project has made us greener because we are generating a chunk of our energy ourselves. It is a lot of fun to look at all the data on our performance monitor. You can almost see the sun rising,” said Amy. “When John’s mom asked me if we were going to put our solar panels on the back of our home, I told her I want it on the front so everyone can see it.” 

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