• Location:

    Old Forge, NY

  • System Size:

    6,840 kW

  • Estimated Monthly Production:

    615 kWh

  • Projected Savings This Year:


  • Additional Systems:

    Columbia, MD Ellicott City, MD

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For Jim, the owner of a construction business with a culture of building energy-efficient homes, the search for a solar panel installer to use for the “test case” (his own home) was a thorough one. “Our construction firm interviewed six firms and Astrum Solar, time and again, showed a higher level of expertise and professionalism,” says Jim. “With Astrum Solar, the client has nothing to do. All paperwork is meticulously done for you, questions are answered in a timely fashion and they understand that the customer is what business is all about.”

Astrum Solar passed that first test, a 12.6 kW system in Columbia, Maryland, and has since installed two other systems for Jim: a 6.84 kW system on a vacation home in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York and a 12.6 kW system on a group home in Ellicott City, Maryland. “Astrum Solar did everything and I never even went to my New York State home until three months after they had installed the solar panels,” says Jim. “It was a clean, neat job.”

After one year, all three systems are running about 10% ahead of the solar energy projections.

“After one year, all three systems are running about 10 percent ahead of the solar energy projections,” says Jim. “My vacation home is heated by propane, so electric usage is minimal when I am not there. The Astrum Solar array, even in cloudy upstate New York, is now selling electricity back to National Grid. I love it!”  

“I deal with vendors, subcontractors and suppliers 24/7. Astrum Solar made other firms look like an eight on the scale by performing at the 10 level. Without fail, they installed within the time agreed and met all other deadlines. And their responsiveness has continued. I had one microinverter (out of 70) go bad on my personal residence and they notified me that I was scheduled for a replacement before I even had the chance to check my system monitor e-mail alert.”

Jim and his firm are strong believers in energy conservation and believe solar power is a major part of the answer to reducing energy consumption. “I seldom recommend companies, but in this case, I recommend Astrum Solar without reservation,” says Jim.

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