• Location:

    Millis, MA

  • System Size:

    9.31 kW

  • Estimated Monthly Production:

    860 kWh

  • Projected Savings This Year:


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Ted had such a positive solar experience that he featured it in a book he wrote encouraging other homeowners to follow in his footsteps. His Homeowners' Complete Guide to Energy Independence, due in January 2012, was inspired by his satisfaction with his installation experience with Astrum Solar and the drastic reduction of his utility bills.

"I had never heard the term ‘Net Zero Energy home' (one that produces more energy than it consumes annually) until I wrote the book. But now, with addition of our solar panels, my home is one," Ted says.

Ted had actually looked at solar in the 1970s, but it wasn't yet economically feasible. Flash forward 30 years, and he decided to take another look, finding that much had changed, including new solar incentives to help with affordability. To get started, Ted looked for a company that could help him get the maximum reward for his conservation efforts. "And with Astrum I could," he says.

"The overall package made the most sense with Astrum. The economics and the engineering job were better. I wanted to go with a lease because the 30% federal tax credit didn't do me any good, since I am retired. Also, the majority of the other companies used central inverters, which I didn't like because we do have shade from time to time."

I wanted to go with a lease because the 30% federal tax credit didn't do me any good since I am retired.

Ted also liked that Astrum Solar came to his house. "They did what they said they would do and kept us up to date with how things were going in the approval process." Ted was satisfied with the installers' workmanship. "I expected a fine job, and they didn't disappoint me."

Ted says he consumed between 12-14 kW-hours of electricity a year, including heating and utilities, and his solar array covers 11-12 kW-hours a year.  "Energy efficiency and conservation measures reduced my kWh consumption enough for us to achieved Net Zero Energy status."

"We no longer have oil or utility bills to pay. This winter we are going to Florida for 10 weeks with the money we are not going to spend on electricity and oil. We'll be able to watch our solar production online. We are pretty excited."

Ted believes that people are in the dark on how, by combining solar power with new technology and effective energy efficiency and conservation opportunities, you can become energy independent.  "The book I wrote shows how, even in Massachusetts, a family can go solar and become energy independent."

"People think solar is expensive but they don't make the right calculation – where else can you put your money into something that gets this kind of return? Our Astrum solar array was the key to us reaching Net Zero Energy status."

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