• Location:

    Marlton, NJ

  • System Size:

    5.405 kW

  • Estimated Monthly Production:

    547 kWh

  • Projected Savings This Year:


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Vince's strong focus on green technology and the ways to save energy have lead to many home improvements. But seeing episodes about solar energy on the TV show "Living With Ed" moved him to research and investigate it seriously. "I learned that the back part of my home faces south and southwest, which is good for solar," he says. "My wife's concerns about the curb appeal of solar panels on our roof wouldn't be impacted. As I researched what to do for the home and environment, I felt really strongly about going solar."

Vince says he discovered Astrum Solar through a Google search and was immediately drawn to the Solar Calculator: "I thought it was slick, that it could process lots of information and give me a good feel for solar system size, costs and the energy savings it would yield." He also liked that Astrum Solar responded very quickly to his request for a consultation: "They were very professional in their responsiveness, knowing the facts and having the answers. If they didn't have an answer right then, they got back to me quickly."

One thing that really stuck out was the attention to detail. I had just had my driveway done and the installers put cardboard under their truck when they parked on it.

With other companies, he says he had to envision what his system would look like, whereas Astrum Solar provided a professional CAD drawing and a presentation he liked. The Enphase microinverter was also a big selling point. "The thing that really stuck out was the attention to detail. I'd just had my driveway done, and the installers put cardboard under their truck when they parked on it."

When Vince got his first electric bill, he could see the significant difference the solar panels have made, and says he's at about 30% of the pre-installation bill. "My wife was surprised at one bill in particular when there was a credit, and most are $20 to $30 per bill." Given the Federal Tax Credit, state rebate,  his first SREC payment  and the monthly electricity savings, Vince has seen fifty percent of his investment returned in the first year. "The no-interest loan was very handy," he says. "I just paid it off. I anticipate a 4.5-year payback, and then I am cash positive, plus I get the benefit of the increased asset value."

Vince is considering adding more panels to this home as well as installing panels on another property. "The experience was so positive that I have the confidence in Astrum to be a return customer."

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