• Location:

    Englewood Cliffs, NJ

  • System Size:

    9.99 kW

  • Estimated Monthly Production:

    987 kWh

  • Projected Savings This Year:


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Mike was always convinced that he wanted to switch to solar power, given his experience with solar projects as part of his work in the commercial construction business. He knew the dollars and cents of it, and how it makes good economic sense. "That it pays for itself is a pretty good investment in my book," he says. Still, he thought carefully about the decision to install solar in his own home, waiting for prices to come down.  

Mike's roof dimension was also a concern that delayed his decision, especially because of the modest savings in a quote from another solar company years ago. "My home has a four-sided roof," he says. "I could only put solar on one face, and so it really limited the system size." But when a friend of his recommended he consider solar again, he reached out to Astrum Solar. "Astrum Solar's design used microinverters and covered two faces of my roof, so I was able to maximize my system size. The system covers at least 80% of our electricity needs."

Another of Mike's pressing concerns was the age of his nine-year-old roof — and the possibility that he could need to replace it in the future while the solar panels were on his roof. Astrum Solar's new roof guarantee, put his mind at ease.   

I am in the construction business and the quality of work, even the conduit run, being nicely camouflaged, was done exactly the way I would have.

In looking at Astrum Solar's proposal overall, Mike says he knew it was a pretty attractive price because of his commercial experience. As a professional, he was also impressed with the installation experience. "Everybody I met at Astrum was very professional. The installers were very considerate and unobtrusive. I am in the construction business and the quality of work, even the conduit run, being nicely camouflaged, was done exactly the way I would have."

Mike says he asked a lot of pointed questions during the installation about physical attachment and roof penetrations. The Astrum Solar installers showed him the flashing mechanism, rubber grommet and other details. He came away impressed that the team leader knew what he was doing and was able to communicate the details. "I hire contractors all the time. I know when I see a good one, and I know when I see a bad one. Astrum did a great job," he says.

Mike says that even though he's very familiar with the solar market, he chose to have Astrum Solar act as broker for his SRECs. "When they sent me a check for three credits for an amount well above the market, at a time when I wouldn't have even been thinking about selling my credits, I realized the value."

His wife was skeptical during the project, he adds, but now she is a convert too. "She was laughing at me, but she pays the bills, so after the first few bills she was thrilled. Then when we got the first SREC payment she was even more thrilled," Mike says.

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