• Location:

    Brookline, MA

  • System Size:

    4.21 kW

  • Estimated Monthly Production:

    351 kWh

  • Projected Savings This Year:


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Eugene started looking into solar power because he was curious, but the real motivation to make the switch came when he learned what a positive deal solar power is. “I break even in five and half years and then have an income stream and all the equity,” says Eugene. “I was surprised it was such an attractive financial proposition.”

Eugene researched different installation companies and was first drawn to Astrum Solar because he viewed the product offering as a better financial deal. Astrum’s flexible terms, the yearly purchase option for his Solar Renewable Energy Credits and the performance guarantee all delivered a better return on his investment. However, it was ultimately the great customer service experience that finalized his decision.

It is true that you do see a sunny day in a whole new way when you know your investment is ticking away.

"If you are wondering if you can trust these people, yes you can,” says Eugene. “Astrum is trying to be the best at service and it shows. They were respectful and delivered exactly what they promised, for the amount of money they promised, and on time. My experience with other companies was not as pleasant. For example, one company showed up 45 minutes late for the first visit. And while Astrum representatives have always been exceedingly courteous, some other companies behaved like I should feel lucky they are offering me their service at all."

“I never expected the Astrum slogan to resonate so much, but the first week my system was turned on it did,” says Eugene. “It is true that you do see a sunny day in a whole new way when you know your investment is ticking away.”

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