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A Solar Renewable Energy Credits Aggregator

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"In the midst of several of your competitors, who I contacted about the sale of my SRECs, Astrum Solar shined through answering the many questions I had on how the process worked and also by providing us the clear advantages of doing business with your company. Thank you for helping make the purchase of my 6.8 kW system a much more affordable endeavor."

Bel Air, Maryland

Our Services

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You have made an investment to help the environment and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Let Astrum Solar help you maximize your return. Every second the sun is shining, your solar panels are producing renewable energy credits that could be earning you money. At Astrum Solar we put your solar panels to work for you. For offers specific to your state, request a personalized quote or email us for more information.

Astrum Solar Makes Selling SRECs Easy

Astrum Solar guides you through registering your SRECs to ensure that the process is easy and enjoyable. This service includes completing the application to certify your PV system as a Solar Renewable Energy Facility with your local Public Service Commission and registering your system with the PJM-EIS Generation Attribute Tracking System (GATS).

System Sizes Up to 25kW

For any solar installation system size up to 25kW we work with owners, lenders and developers to tailor a unique SREC purchase agreement that meets the needs of the parties involved with each specific transaction. We are also open to pre-committing to purchase a system's SRECs prior to the installation to help owners or developers secure financing for their solar installation. Please email us at to tell us about your current or proposed solar installation. If you want an Astrum Solar estimate for what a solar installation for your home might cost, please use our Solar Calculator.